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It's been fascinating to watch. A peaceful secession process. It's such a divided vote. Democracy working as intended is awesome to see unfold.

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I was bartending at a golf course restaurant at the time. I had the morning shift which meant all the guys could come in get coffee and food etc. It was a weird job to have because guys went out early on the course and had no idea what had happened. Those who didn't come in at the turn(after 9 holes) played a whole round without even knowing what happened. After it happened that morning(I live on the west coast) no one else came out to play. We closed way early. I kept having to tell new people what was going on all day that were out on the course when it happened. It was a surreal day to say the least.

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I don't know about this film, but I do know that the poster is amazing.

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This is who will win. Dongers up.

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This thread has Dr. Tracksuit mania.

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I am taking a break from it at the moment. I love it except for the connection issues and lack of trials for characters that never had them or even trials for the new characters. It was thrown together lazily. Gonna wait til they fix some netcode and get those trials in place.

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1.) SWG

2.) Jedi Knight II

3.) Battlefront

4.) Rogue Squadron 2(GameCube)


Republic Commando was such an underrated game. So many good star wars games. So many bad ones. I need an open world star wars game like Skyrim style, but with multiplayer. I would be in heaven.

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Because giving Sif her own book would be too much work and not make enough money. This is the dumb stuff comics always do. The dumbest though was when Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch had an incestuous relationship. Will Avengers 2 hint at that? Nope.

Also, Thor Girl already exists so this is dumb.

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an mmo or a TES game.

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Here's my take: I am glad I don't think actions speak louder than words. Otherwise, I would think that GB only hires white males.