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an mmo or a TES game.

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Here's my take: I am glad I don't think actions speak louder than words. Otherwise, I would think that GB only hires white males.

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Perfect Dark 64.

That's the list.

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Bummed about the Bombcast. Stoked for everything else. My fave podcast probably won't be my fave anymore. After 6 years, that is a hard pill to swallow. Good luck in NY, duder.

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@charlie_victor_bravo: If you thought the scene between Bronn and Tyrion was bad you may not have a pulse. I dig scenes like the one from last week at the Iron Bank. The dude behind all the dudes doesn't even have to get out of his seat.

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I have to say these last few episodes have been fantastic. There really isn't a terrible acting performance at all which is super rare. most of the time there are a few characters in movies/shows that really make you cringe. This cast may be the best all around for a drama that I can remember.

I am actually looking forward to A Feast for Crows. I like when the show gets all plodding. Also, if you haven't been reading this guy's recaps you are missing out. They are fantastic. Tyrion's Trial Recap Most weeks, Andy Greenwald kills it.

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I really love this. I want to see a lasertag game for this where you use or gameboy as the gun but you play in a fully rendered version of you and your friends houses as the maps.

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Confirmed. Patrick Stewart with a toupee as the villain.