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I'm kind of pissed off at Giant Bomb for hating on Killer Instict and then pulling a 180. I had to decide between PS4 and Xbox and all the dumb hate they were generating on the game swayed me toward PS4. Now they're all "oh, surprise! it's great!".

I should have just trusted myself.

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The voice acting in the game is utterly top notch. The guy who does the dad's voice, if that's who your talking about also does Adam Jensen, is fantastic.

Even the girl who does Didi's voice is fantastic, even if her lines are terrible.

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Its pretty janky, but, its free! I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. It looks to have some neat ideas and ... its free! I'd be more critical if I'd bought it for $15 as I really expected more from it but PS4 owners got a deal.

Well, if you were already a PS+ Subscriber... it's not free. It's whatever you're paying for a subscription.

I mean, that's ultimately WHY i buy PS+, though. For games like Contrast. So I can't complain too much. But in the end it's just disappointing.

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This is a question I am always asking by reading some reviews, previews or just news article. Isn't it common sense that you normally should be pretty knowledgeable about a certain topic before you actually publish it? Especially with such a passionate readership that normally knows much more about this topic than yourself.- Wouldn't you be extra careful?

Why I am asking this right now? I am following right now this Gamespot comparison about the new and old consoles and it already was updated four times. It is still wrong and even gets worse...

Here are 3 different Versions:

Of course not all are like that. For example I think Jeff knows a ton about videogames most people do not and there are many others as well but why are so many people clueless about even the easiest stuff like hardware specs

I'm about 99% sure who you mean to be getting mad at is the graphic designer and not any "videogame journalists".

As a guy who has made plenty of mistakes like that in my past... sometimes it's no fun to be a designer.

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@drdarkstryfe said:

Everyone who works in gaming media is not a journalist.

There are journalists, personalities, support staff, reviewers, and critics. Those pictures were most likely done up by someone who works behind the scene at the site, not one of the major faces. Its a mistake that should have been caught, but it is pretty crazy to use it as a bullet point against gaming media as a whole.

Here's the short of it, gaming media is no different than any other form of media that covers something at the enthusiast level.

It is just one of the recent examples of my claim or experience in this regard.

As for the rest. I think there is a difference since it is normally pretty easy to put something like that together by investigating a little bit in the internet or even ask Sony and Microsoft for specs. This is not really science. I get why there are no GPU specs which normally should be also very important for a system, but there are so many little errors even after updating it 3 times, that it should be pretty obvious you should not do it. And maybe even delete the whole article.

And there is also stuff like that:

Don't you be talking garbage about my Alex Albrecht. Love that dude.

As for being a journalist, he's not one. he's just a guy who plays games and I think he'd be the first one to say so. On TRS he was continually saying that he only liked a small selection of games and pretty much only stuck to what he liked.

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I finished it today. In the end, it's "cute". It manages to be endearing. But it's still horribly designed. Also, the giant bomb summary of the game? And interviews with the developers explaining what the game is about? 100% NOT what the game is about.

Playing it I got flashbacks to NES era games where the description in the manual for the game us not at all the plot of the game.

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Huh. It played like butt for me but I'm not sure I ever noticed slowdown or bad framerate

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Trust me. For this game you can wait.

It's not an abomination, but it's not good either. It a ages to be frustrating, which is both a compliment and a curse against it. If it were just bad, you could just turn it off. But it's good enough to keep you coming back while simultaneously having very little fun. Frustrating.

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Which is standby mode?

I've been turning it off, I think.