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Xbl: jazin

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Would love more friends to challenge score on spelunky games a great way to eat time.

Psn id: jakrysinski

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Psn: jakrysinski

Time zone: pacific time zone, live in Washington state

Launch games: ac black flag, madden 25, knack, nba 2k14, battlefield 4, cod: ghosts, killzone, resogun, contrast, super motherload

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<p>So it looks like maybe bioshock infinitie is ready to put its name in for the game of the year discussion already. It might easily be able to hold its place all year kinda like mass effect 2 did.</p> also thanks to @winternet for taking the time to do this. Much appriciated.

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Okay so my wiiu can not even remotely hold an Internet connection so there isn't going to be pretty much much no chance of me playing this online. My question is would this game even be worth getting if I can't play multiplayer?

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Id is jazin1980

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Forgot to mention that it is so my faience can play games with me. Also gonna pick up some games also any recommendations for that also would be appriciated

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So I'm picking up a Wiiu today and was wondering for my second controller would it be better to pick up a pro controller or a wii controller? Thanks for the help duders

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Will be getting this with a Wiiu as soon as my tax return comes in. Great article @patrickklepeck