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As I said before - I'm really enjoying it as well. It's like a rerun of RE4 with added stealth and that's fine with me. Odd to note, playing on PC I don't have any eye indicator for stealth..is that just on casual?

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Hmm, this would be my personal opinion of course -

1) Hitman Blood Money - still one of the greatest games ever made

2) Trauma Centre 2 - I love these games, so completely different to anything else

3) Techincally Elite Beat Agents came out in the US in 2006 so EBA.

4) Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - better than Oblivion..all Bethesda games are over hyped.

5) Okami - take that over Twilight Princess.

6) Dead Rising..I guess..at the time it was something special.

7) Valkyrie Profile 2 is a fantastic game

8) Gears of War - cool co-op and it was great at the time..not so much by 2.

9) Wii Sports - like Gears it changed many things.

10) Company of Heroes - great RTS that captured what I liked about DoW and made it better.

oh and Godhand..obviously.

Whatever happens Blood Money needs to be on that list. It's a work of genius.

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Already did..Wonderful 101 just happened to make it easier.

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Can you pause downloads yet?

No? Not turning the fucking thing on then.

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I'm enjoying it more than Alien by a long way so far (chapter 4 - PC)

You feel completely at a disadvantage but if you use your brain (or shoot them in the knees and burn them) you can survive by the skin of your teeth.


- I like the stealth aspect and the combat in general, though I'm only a little way in.

- Balance of empowerment with fragility, prefer it to the nonsense of Alien.

- Story is interesting, though I reckon the explanation is telegraphed within the opening section pretty heavily...or it could try to be Shutter Island, which would be blergh.

- Some great set design and sound design (though that chainsaw dude in 3 is..repetitive)

- Crossbow is great, as is the match mechanic.


- Though a stylistic choice (cough) the black bars and fov can make a very poor first impression.

- Very VERY reminiscent of RE4, both a good and bad thing I guess.

- I can run it at 1080p with a GTX 750ti just fine at 30fps but graphically it's..meh. Texture pop in and god awful shadow flicker are the most prominent.

- It leans too heavily on body horror rather than psychological horror, not surprising given the shooting mechanics.

Personal Preference?

- It's more survival horror than people were probably expecting - resources are scarce and you die fast. You can't just suplex everything after knee capping them. Trial and error is necessary but I don't count that as a bad thing really. Each time I died (bar the first when cleaver guy killed me as soon as I touched the keys) was my own fault. I'm playing on normal and I don't find it difficult. It may ramp up later but it should be okay.

Definitely file under a YMMV.

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I picked up Burst yesterday - much to the eye rolling and disgust of some friends - and what actually surprised me was how well the characters are written. Sure it's mostly done in VN segments but Kat's story and other vignettes show a much greater depth than you would expect from such a game..more than most games in general actually. It's just such a shame that it's lost under all this Ecchi nonsense. Like Bayonetta it's parody but sometimes (or mostly in this case) all people generally see is the 'fanservice' and ignore the actual characters themselves.

As to what the game is like on the 3ds - I'd say it's Streets of Rage with RPG mechanics and tons of frame rate issues. I really enjoy it - far more than Code of Princess - but it does have it's issues. Tempted to get this once I've finished 3ds version. I just wish they hadn't overdone the fanservice so much, the combat, writing and characters are strong enough to carry the game alone.

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@corevi: After watching nearly all the Gaim series I can now accurately say that..I was completely wrong. It went full on Evangelion at one point there. It's truly a fantastic story lost in dumb suit designs (yay EVERYONE HAS A BOW THING), forced betrayals and...what happened to the hot waitress?

So thanks all for getting me to give it another go. I may give Ryuki another shot but alas KRDL seems to have bitten the dust.

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Another Invincible recommendation, as well as Hellblazer (not Constantine) and East of West. I honestly believe that Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye is the best written comic being produced at the moment and I really enjoy the new Iron First series. I'd also throw in Outcast (Kirkman again) and Manhattan Projects.

Oh and Valiant is pretty good these days. Humble are doing a pretty good bundle that would set you up for all the modern Valiant comics.

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Clubs are terrible, parties are cool as long as you know some people and it's not some weird quasi-political group where they all want to know your opinion and you end up having to get your friend to ring you and say that they've been locked out of the house and you're the only one with the keys and it's very important because their heart medication is in there so you can get the hell out of dodge and hopefully never speak to any of them ever again..even though the girl is super hot.


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@kishinfoulux: Yeah I'm pretty sure it does..I had to dial down the sounds as it gets annoying after a while.

I like Impa and Sh..sh..riek?, I keep forgetting and will probably be screamed at for spoilers if I name the character, are fun to play. I've only just unlocked the Goron? dude..but I hate slow moving characters in DW games. Needs more Zhou Tai...or Kabuto...or Kuzan..or Rei..

I think it's a step down from Pirate Warriors 2 and Orochi 3 but it's fun and colourful. The colour and the glorious music go a long way to making the game far better than it has any right to be. Haven't touched the other modes but they look amusing. Also locking characters to levels in Legend mode feels like a step back. Link and Lana are a drag to play and it hurts my enjoyment of the levels.

Should note that I have a distinct dislike of all but Wind Waker when it comes to 3d Zelda games..I love the gb and gba/snes games though..but I have very little connection to any of the themes/characters. I just enjoy mindless DW type games sometimes.