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@christoffer: Thanks for watching the video. We did have some problems with the carries and thanks for pointing out that I need to keep in mind what the other players have in the way of abilities.

At least it wasn't Bane..that would have just made Adam and I cry. I've got another Crystal Maiden video to upload in the near future..

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@dusker: Yeah it can get a little tribal. I like both games despite some of my moaning to the contrary. I feel that once you understand what each hero does, then you can see where their weaknesses are and how you can adapt.

As to rupture..you've got to remember to buy a tp scroll all the time, can't just press B..sigh.

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@dusker: It's a tough one. I don't think I've played enough Dota to really be able to say but as I learn more about both games I'm leaning on the side of Dota probably being more balanced AFTER getting used to it's quirks and how to use items. League is more forgiving of new players and Dota is just..urgh. Fairness is also difficult. Is it fair when you get hit with Rupture and have no idea how to counter it? I don't think either of the games is particularly fair but if we're talking about character balance (re Kass who seems to waiver between OP and useless depending on the patch) then Dota probably wins that one due to it's evolved nature.

While that may not really cover what you're asking it's the best answer I can give at the moment.

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@bollard: Currently 14 as of today..so I'm still a long way to go.

New blog will be up in the next day or so.

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@bollard: A tad harsh, but I feel that sarcastic vitriol doesn't come across well on the internet. I wasn't being entirely serious..I'd never leave someone high and dry like that and I just wanted to vent. I just had enough of Blitz players on MY team helping the other team. Once is fine, twice is okay but 7 of the bastards in 2 days can get to you..thus that paragraph. You do have a point though and I can't really blame you for phrasing it that way.

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@yummylee said:

Shattered Memories is quite possibly one of the best games in the Silent Hill series.

I'd go so far as to say that it's one of the best narrative games I've ever played - especially the Wii version. The fact that it gets ignored or derided because you can't a) shoot things or b) kill enemies annoys me. Granted it has it's faults..the escape sequences are dicey but it's pure psychological horror.

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@extomar: In the blog posts? Well..it really was just the stuff that I was dealing with at the time of writing - as a new player I thought I should just try and cover what I was trying to understand. Fair criticism though - can you point me to an example so I can make sure to improve on that part

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@extomar: You think that's bad..I have to write the stuff. Thanks for the comments.

@slag: bah weep grana weep ninny bon. Thanks for reading.

@helicopterspy: We'll be there, come join us in the losers bracket where we troll everyone..but mostly ourselves.

@malibuprofen: And this post made my day. Thank you for reading and I'm glad that the blog led you to try out League. It never hurts to see how someone else is doing something and the tribalism between the two fan camps can be a bit extreme.

@cloudymusic: Thanks for reading and I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

@yesiamaduck: I'm glad I'm not the only one of that mindset. I'm so much more attached to my League characters.

@viking_funeral: I had to pick one and tbh Steam made that decision for me..it was one I was leaning towards anyway but..I just don't have enough time in the day to do both and it's super tiring. I'm glad that this could be a minor bastion in the Dota love this website perpetuates..heaven forbid they can exist side by side.

@corruptedevil: Well..apart from the fact this is the last blog in this series (hence Finale) and the fact Dota got left behind due to Steam not working for me for about 2/3 weeks..err, I know there's a total lack of Dota content on the site so thanks for sticking with the blog as long as you did...and for that Strife key. We'll still play Dota now and again but I think we're past the 'which one should I pick to concentrate on' phase.

@tobbrobb: Then you become..part of the problem..dun dun durrrr. It's only annoying in solo q and you solo q when you don't have anyone to play with..CAPS.

I always do replies backwards don't I? Anyway thank you all again - we'll be back soon-ish.