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wow i salute you sir

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Just hearthbreaking to read this :( Watching, reading and listening to him all these years was an absolute delight. I will miss you Ryan.

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Welcome home :)

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Wow what a shock! Sad to see you go Dave :( Thanks for everything!

ps: And welcome Rorie!

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I like the new look but it really sucks that there are no forums on the frontpage anymore.

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Seems an interesting article but i want to play this first. This is probably not a useful comment :D

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haha i lke the premise :p nice work!

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really exited :)

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Yes there is a lot of fun, entertaining, dumb stuff that happens on giantbomb but the staff always balances the entertaining stuff really well with serious, substantive discussion about games and the culture around games. I always thought the community in large was mature enough to be open to both those things and i am still convinced that a (silent) majority still is but the amount of posts that lack any form of empathy about this issue is really disturbing. Of course you can critique the style or the tone of the article but in the end Patrick is right that this is an issue that's worth talking about.