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Host? I'm leaning towards no, but honestly don't see a real difference in Vinny or Jeff hosting segment or discussion-wise.

Editing on the other hand? Definitely a no. Why break the discussion midway with music or play over someone while that person discusses a subject. One of the few interesting discussions they had on the bombcast this week was Eve online, but couldn't make out half of it with the music and explosions going on.

Also, get him away from the soundboard. He's no Fred Norris.

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Murder Soul Suspect will be renamed or completely canceled.

For the first time in 5 years, an Assassin's Creed game will not come out.

Tom Clancy's The Division will come out with most of it's online features broken.

Fallout 4, announce at E3, release early 2014.

I hate to break it to you, but you might be wrong.

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It even says in there he thinks. He doesn't know for a fact. Making a judgement call based on what you think a person like still second guessing said person's want for christmas.

Edit: nevermind says knows misread. My opinion still stands, though, buy the thing he asked for. Let him decide for himself whether he likes it or not. He asked for it after all.

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Uh, he wants Simcity so get him Simcity. It really shouldn't matter what you or anybody else thinks about said game. It's a gift, he's not losing anything by you giving him a game for christmas. It's one thing if he asked for a general item like say a toaster. Then you should want to get him the best god damn toaster you can afford. But if he specifically asked for a Hamilton Beach 22351 4 slot toaster then you get that for him (if you can afford it) regardless of what you think about it. To me, seems kinda rude to make quality decisions for somebody your getting a gift for unless you know the product is for sure broken (which from my understanding is not the case for Simcity anymore).

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So what's stopping you from posting the email in German again? It's not like an internet company hasn't come up with some sort of translation software...
Yeah it'll be literal translation, but its something other than hey you just gotta trust me on this.

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  • OS: Windows 7
  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome
  • RAM: 8 GB (home computer) and 4GB (work computer)
  • Type Of Player: Streaming, Progressive, and HTML
  • Adblock: On
  • Specific Problem: Player says it's the end of the video even though only a few minutes into a quicklook/long feature video. It's done it on all options available. It has happened on my home computer and my work computer at the University. I use Firefox at home and Chrome at work.
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Nope. The bombcast stays as it is. If you want to watch them talk about video games (or anything else for that matter), there's unprofessional fridays.

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@kkotd: The graphics card thing is cross-promotion which most likely gives Square free marketing for products. Similar to the way you see Iron Man on Dr. Pepper cans and Taco Bell commercials.

And having pre-order incentives on their own site doesn't equate to losing money. If they were to give you 10 dollar for a purchase of the next Square game on their site they're essentially making the price equivalent to what they would be selling at retail (or around the price I suspect they'd be making at retail after retail's 10-20% cut).

Saw it everywhere? I never saw a single ad apart from the first E3 trailer and that Conan Clueless Gamer. That's anecdotal, but so is your view of it. It's a case of them needing to find better ways of marketing their product, not necessarily less of it.

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To put it simply, it's a soap opera loosely based on Hamlet with bikers. Personally, I loved the first 4 seasons. Sure most of the third season does go off the rails a bit, but it picks up again in the later episodes of that season. I don't see how anybody can skip the last episodes of the season considering the holy shit moment in the season 3 finale. Season 5, for me, was by far the worst season. Characters become extremely irrational and inconsistent compared to what they were/learned in the previous seasons.

I say watch whats on Netflix at the moment (it's up to season 4 i suspect) and see if you like it.

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@bombcastgoldthwait: Hey man just wanted to publicly apologize for attacking the idea. It was a asshole thing to do. That was my bad.