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Arkham City for $7.50.

Darksiders 2 for $22(including all DLC) from Amazon, but steam code

Prototype 2 for 7.50 from Amazon, but steam code.

I was going to get Dishonored from GMG for 22.50 but I had just bought a copy for 360 for 12 bucks(29.99 original price - $20 giftcard).


Syndicate for 5 bucks on Amazon.

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We see this sorta stuff every year. Being so disappointed about games this year, meanwhile ignoring the majority of good games that have come out. There still are a number of great titles.

Games I've played:

Mark of the Ninja, Xcom, DOTA2, BL2, Spec Ops, Prototype 2, Dark Souls(PC), and Walking Dead(in order from excellent to good). Oh and Sleeping Dogs.

Games I have bought, but still haven't got to:

Darksiders 2, Dishonored(currently playing), and Syndicate(just bought for 5 bucks).

Games I want to eventually get:

Hitman, Far Cry 3, and AC3.

There are plenty of great games to not be disappointed about if you look around.

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Nothing wrong with liking something. Heck think of it this way, you're keeping Activision afloat which in turn keeps thousands of people employed which enables them to feed themselves or their family.

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Mine's always plugged in. I use my 360 headset as a dedicated skype headset since it's the most comfortable and sounds better than any chat headset I have.

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@AlexW00d said:

Well aren't Antec PSUs just rebadged SeaSonic PSUs anyway? Just go for the SeaSonic.

Most are, same goes for Corsair PSUs.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: Probably don't want to use the term "you" when talking to a person who doesn't believe it's anywhere near Game of the year material.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: I don't think anybody is praising it just because of it's "choices". People are praising it because they enjoyed the story. I liked it cause it had a pretty good story. I have my severe problems with it like the action sequences, the villain in the 5th episode, how certain characters from the previous episode have contradictory behavior, and how oddly edited the whole thing is, but I can honestly say I wasn't angry that me saving a particular character didn't matter since he/she conveniently dies later on. And honestly the best choices in the game were one's that had no impact on the story (see episode 2's food choice).

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@Bourbon_Warrior: That's kinda the point, though. Video game design usually revolves around making the player feel like a god. Whether that means literally in the case of God of War or Prototype or having the power to save one life over the other like Walking Dead, in the end the game wants to keep you playing. The game wants you to think that you have the power over all these characters lives. It's about the journey rather than the destination for most games which is why most games have incredibly horrible endings. They build and build and build, but there's just no way to meet your expectations(if you like it that much). It's why Mass Effect 3 could never have met anyone's expectations on it's so called choices. There is just no way to plan for everyone's diverging playing styles.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: If you listen to idle thumbs(maybe you do already), Sean and Jake, the lead designers/writers behind Walking Dead, don't hide the fact that they really mask the "choices" in such a way that it gives the player the thought they actually have that choice, but in reality it's the game tugging them along. They're smart designers as saving the characters I did felt like I actually affected the outcome, but I get where you're coming from.

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@Giantstalker: I'd say it gets worse especially in 4 and 5 when it starts throwing action sequences at you since in reality these sequences are just QTEs.