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Shame she gets so much nasty hate, but that comes along with controversy on the internet. Didn't Jeff receive death threats for giving Zelda: Twilight Princess an 8.8? Vitriol knows no gender. Using that as a way to validate her argument is intellectually dishonest, IMO.

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Dave fucking Lang!

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GTAV is an exhausting experience. I have yet to encounter a single decent human being in the story, and there is no subtlety in its satire. Everyone is either dumb or angry. GTAIV had pacing issues, but at least it found a way to make you feel like there was some humanity in the world.

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@bushpusherr: Your point is well taken. Unless a person agrees to view ads prior to viewing the content, it shouldn't be considered theft.

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@bushpusherr: You can skip over a TV commercial or change the channel and no one would know the difference (unless you participate to give them info), but revenue on websites are based on how many people actually see an ad. You can justify it any way you like, but they are losing money because your browser isn't loading their ads. Whether you call that stealing or not is your prerogative.

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@brodehouse: Supporting people's freedoms doesn't mean I have to like how they use them.

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Love it!!!

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There's nothing inherently wrong with making a living on YouTube, but seeing grown adults act like preteens to appeal to the demographic is cringe inducing.