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@secondpersonshooter: Seems to me they are just experimenting over and over again. They may not care about the events of the game at all from a moral standpoint.

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Couple more observations:

Notice that in the after-ending credits, Booker's apartment still looks like shit with empty alcohol bottles laying around. Doesn't even seem like a great father.

Also, Rapture was built in the mid-40s, so the lighthouse analogy isn't constrained by time. As long as there is a "man, a city, and a lighthouse".

I don't think we'll see anymore Bioshock games out of Irrational. This game pretty much explains how that entire universe works.

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Something I don't get/rubs me the wrong way:

Comstock had to die at his birth to prevent everything from happening. Why then, is the Booker who did not accept the baptism (the one you're playing as) killed? All the Elizabeth's disappeared, again indicating that the "good" Booker was killed because the "bad" one who created Columbia is sterile.

It's just kind of fucked up that the Booker who is a father dies, and the evil dictator lives (but doesn't get a heir to the throne, presumably). I hope I'm wrong.

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@ekami: The liberals already lost that battle. Now the war is on Easter.

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Huge, elaborate marketing plans pay off a lot of the time. A game like Halo would probably sell millions of copies regardless, but slapping ads on Mountain Dew and Doritos makes it seem larger than life. It may render the actual product disappointing when you realize that it's just a video game, but I imagine it moves units. There are cases like Brutal Legend though, where mass marketing doesn't pay off, but that was also a new IP. As you pointed out, the Metal Gear Solid name already resonates with people. It's just a matter of pushing some people over that edge of spending $60.

As for the cerebral approach of their marketing strategy, I think part of that is trying to be fresh. People see ordinary trailers for games all the time, so maybe Konami thinks it'll have a larger impact on people. Perhaps make us think about it in ways we usually don't.

I honestly don't know anything about marketing, so I'm mostly speaking from casual observation. I don't agree that it's a slap in the face, but you raise some interesting points. Sometimes the direct approach is indeed the best approach.

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I've never hit a bug in Tropico 4. It's a well made game, and certainly worth $10. Just be aware that it might not scratch that SimCity itch because it doesn't really do the same thing. I'd suggest checking out the demo first!

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I'm sorry if this is ignorant, but what makes a Steambox a Steambox? This thing just appears to just be a mini PC.

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Cities XL does a lot right. There are huge city areas, nice 3D graphics, zooming to street level, terraforming, curved roads, etc. Just be warned that it lacks the charm and polish of a Maxis game. Bugs, clumsy menus, and bad translation remind you that you're playing a B-level game, but it does scratch that city building itch.

You might also want to check out Anno 2070/1701, and Tropico 4. They're different than the city building in SimCity and Cities XL, but fun in their own ways.

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Took advantage of this deal. Thanks for posting! Now watch this game turn out like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

@fattony12000: Make sure you have the digital copy selected, and then apply the code during the checkout process.