My PC shuts down when I play games

About a month ago I got a pretty bad virus. I had to restore my computer back to its factory status to get rid of it. But ever since then my PC shuts down whenever I play video games sometimes I can't play a game for more than 5 minutes without it shutting down.

I opened up my PC to see if anything was wrong and I felt my video card and it was pretty damn hot. Not burning hot or anything like that but it was still unusually warm. I updated my video card's drivers hoping it would solve the problem but still it ended up shutting down every once in a while. (Video card is an ATI RADEON HD 4850)

I still think the video card is the source of the problem because my PC only shuts down when I play games. I'm guessing the video card gets too stressed out by the game and shuts itself off to avoid overheating. So I wanted to know what can I do to cool my video card off and avoid  it overheating and shutting down. 
I downloaded HWMonitor and it says my video card is reaching temps of 185 degrees Fahrenheit  (or 85 C)
I'm no expert but that seems ridiculously hot, like melt your PC hot, but I doesn't feel THAT hot to me.
Edit: I've had this PC for two years and I remember buying the power supply specifically for the video card that I bought. Out of the entire two years it just started doing this over the past month after I restored my PC from that virus.


To everyone who claims to hate anime...why?

 To everyone who claims to hate anime, have you guys ever even taken the time to watch a series? And no I don't mean DragonBall Z, Naruto, Bleach or any of that bullshit that used to come on cartoon network when we were younger. I'm asking if you guys have ever sittin down and taken the time to watch a popular anime series that isn't over 100 episodes and aimed at 12 year olds? I mean about 4 years ago I was just like you guys, I said I hated anime because they always had generic simple storylines and most episodes involved a lot of heavy breathing and "awwwing". I thought anime was only aimed at 14 year olds and you had to be a fucking idiot to watch it. 
That is, until I saw Death Note and to say the least I was blown away. There were no steroid junkie guys with blonde spiky hair punching each other for 10 episodes straight, there wasn't any pointless conversation about gaining physical power. Instead what I saw was one of the greatest games of cat and mouse I had ever seen, I saw an anime that made me deeply question my morals. This show depicted a man who tried to create a utopian world by using extremely controversial methods, and it depicted another man who would do everything in his power to stop him. For over 30 episodes I watched these two men play with each others heads like a game of chess, constantly predicting each others moves and acting on each others methods in a decisive manner. I was on the edge of my seat for every twist and turn and by the end of the series all I was saying to myself
But then I thought that deep philosophical animes like Death Note were a rarity, of course every other anime is about spiky haired ninjas doing crazy shit with their hand right? right?......Dead wrong, I then stumbled on an anime called Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and again I was blown away. Once again I found myself questioning my morals and wondering if the cold, calculating, damn near genocidal protagonist was really right in what he was doing. Sure his goals were noble but his methods were barbaric. The series followed two galactic nations as they fought each other for complete control, one nation was a "righteous" democracy and the other was a Totalitarian nation that at first glance resembled the Empire from Star Wars. At first I was going to write it off as some good vs evil BS but once again I was surprised. Neither side was depicted as evil in any way, the Totalitarian nation was prospering under a fair but rash leader and the Democracy was actually falling apart because of its rampant corruption. What followed was one of the best political thrillers I had ever seen in my life, I wont spoil the things that happen but damn I was blown away.
I started looking for more animes that didn't fit the stereotype and the ones I watched simply amazed me, Code Geass, Kenshin OVAs, Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, Phantom requiem, Ghost in the shell, Great Teacher Onizuka, the list just went on and on. And then I finally realized that the anime genre is just as varied as any form of media out today. Sure there's alot of spiky haired teenagers fighting off evil over 200 episodes, but there's also animes that focus on Politics, Philosophy, Serial Killers, Gangs, Warfare, Romance, etc. So when I see people that say they hate anime I just believe they haven't even bothered to try it.
I don't care who you are or what your taste are, I guarantee to anybody out there that they can find at least one anime series that they will simply love.


Would you play a game if it had more story than action?

 I'm the type of gamer who loves games with great stories. I love it when developers place importance in their story just as much as they do their gameplay (hence the reason why Bioware is my favorite developer). But even Bioware games have more action than story in their games, why don't developers make games with the same type of story structure that books or movies use?
For example, most good books or movies are about 70% story and 30% action or they just have all story and no action at all. So I was wondering why almost no developers have tried this type of structure for their games, how come almost every game is 40 minutes action, then a 2 minute cutscene, then ANOTHER 40 minutes of action! I know most gamers just want to shoot stuff and say to hell with the story but what about people like me that see games as just another way to tell a creative story?
I mean, I loved talking to the party members in ME and thought the combat was just a way to unlock more topics with my party members, I loved the S. Links in Persona 3 but I hated the Tartarus sessions, I loved talking in the camps in Dragon Age but I thought the combat was just meh. Am I the only one who would like trying to avoid the conflicts in games through connections, negotiations, and politics, rather than just shooting everything that dared to have a different opinion? Am I the only one who would enjoy a game with 40 minutes of talking, then 15 minutes of action, then 10 minutes of investigating, then another 40 minutes of talking?
I mean don't get me wrong I do love fighting in games, sometimes I want to have 20-30 minutes of mindless violence. But the games that I've always loved and enjoyed had great stories to go with them.