Ryan Davis... "It's Tuesday"

"It's Tuesday"

Those were the words that I looked forward to hearing each and every week because that meant it was time for the Bombcast.

Ryan Davis was someone who I never physically knew, but, I feel like I knew him personally. I heard him nearly as much as anyone else who I interact with on a regular basis. My wife knew of my love for Giant Bomb and my daughter who is only two heard the voice of Ryan on many occasions as I listened to the Bombcast while trying to rock her to sleep.

Over the last five years at Giant Bomb (and even long ago during his Gamespot days) I have spent so much time listening to Ryan on podcasts and watching videos that I feel like I got to know him and the rest of the GB staff personally. So, I feel this loss just as many of the other members of the Giant Bomb community does, as if it was a good friend that we hung out with all of the time.

Ryan's snarky personality immediately appealed to me because I am the same way. His quick witted jabs at his colleagues were hilarious and reminded me of how I poke at my family and friends.

I got to know him a bit better on GB and through Twitter through some conversations, albeit short, that we had about a few random things and some helpful things to me. As a young writer interested in maybe breaking in one day he offered advice and some interesting tips along with, without saying... friendship. With just those few conversations my respect for him grew. He became someone to look up to and appreciate.

To me, he became the measuring stick as to what you need to be in this industry. I know I will never reach anywhere near his level but it was great to be able to see what he could do. His writing is an aspect that is often overlooked but it shouldn't be, he was fantastic. He was so dedicated to what he did that it was infectious. His enthusiasm and barbs would really liven up the crew when it seemed like they were down or tired.

Today I learned we lost Ryan Davis. It felt strange to tear up and hurt inside for someone I never actually met, but then it hit me. Those who have been loyal and followed Giant Bomb over the years are a family. We care about each other. While the internet can be a terribly awful place, the members of the GB community can take solace in knowing that in the end, the Giant Bomb community cares. We care about our family.

We cared about Ryan and today let us celebrate the time that we, as a family, were lucky enough to spend with him.

My heart and prayers go out to all of his friends and family. Especially, his new wife. Words cannot express the sadness that I feel for her because of this terrible situation. When you get married you think about all the time that you will be able to spend with your new spouse and how many memories you are going to make with them. This was tragically cut short and I can only wish and pray that she can find any peace in this difficult time.

Ryan, thank you for all the funny moment, the hand holding with Matt Rorie, the amazing banter with Vinny, the insightful conversations with Brad, and the incredible connection that you had with Jeff. I know all of your friends will miss you. So will your family here at Giant Bomb.

You will be missed.


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I just had to add that I know we all have taken this hard here in the Giant Bomb community and it is comforting to see everyone coming together to tell what Ryan meant to them and to help each other in this strange and difficult time. Thanks duders...

If you have anything you want to add or any memories you have of Ryan and the content he produced post it here and we'll talk about it and laugh about it.

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UH UH UH UH UH UH.....Gonna miss that guy and also. FUCK PENNIES, There are a ton of memories of this guy. Just watched the noby noby boy and battlefield bad co 2 vids this morning before I heard, Still trying to process this. RIP DUDER

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Yeah, so many great times. All the crap he would give Will Smith in the old Happy Hours is great. Also, his explosive rant directed at Sonic the Hedgehog was epic in every possible way...