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While I agree with the original message of this post (Last weeks content was disappointing) the delivery comes off as whiney, demanding, and unreasonable. It's totally acceptable to be unsatisfied with something you paid for but do it in a more constructive, well thought out manner.

I haven't been a premium member for long and after seeing all of those Whiskey Media Happy hours (now that i have access), I'm very bummed that kind of content does happen any more. I've also realized with the acquisition there's a ton of stuff going on. In just about every podcast/video discussion concerning the site Jeff and team keep reiterating they are still vetting things out regarding site content. Not to mention all of the re-architecture of the site in general.

Next time try something more constructive like:

"I kind of felt short changed by last weeks content. A Jar time as this weeks premium content and a TNT with a game over a year old was disappointing. There are some sweet games out there like LBP Karting you could use for TNT if you're hurting for games. There hasn't been anything on that game since the Beta Quick look, and you can get 8 or so people involved in the races. It would also give you a chance to look at some of the user created content."