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I'm in on PC, play pretty much daily and am not too bad. Origin ID is jon_claude85

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PSN is zero__sum (yes, sadly that is a double underscore) picked up AC4, Madden and Ghosts at launch. Eastern time zone.

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Just made the switch how do I go about joining up?

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Started playing GW2 last night and randomly picked (randomly or Clarissa Explains It All reference hmmm) Ferguson's Bluff as my world of play considering I have not one friend who is going to be playing this game figured it did not matter much. Anyway played GW1 a little was never hardcore into it but definitely had some fun I'm really liking this game a lot and want to sink some time into getting better. Looking for some partners in crime from the GB community to fill out my friends list a bit maybe even form a guild once we learn how to hold our own. So if you like me ended up choosing that world lets get together not sure if adding people goes by account name (jonnyDIGITAL) or the characters name (Luna Mia) but there's both.

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Damn that would sure look good in my game room...

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I really wanted to get this game but I'm broke as hell at the momment. HELP ME OUT PLEASE!

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I think the album is really a return to his roots. The album reminds me of his first two albums which I was a big fan of. I did not really appreciate the last two of his albums before relapse. Its funny the three songs you point out on the album are really good in my opinion. Do you have an objection with the lyrics or something? Because those 3 songs lyrics can be pretty offensive to some people I guess.  Anyway this album is leaps and bounds better then Encore and The Eminem Show.

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Madden needs to buy the engine from Backbreaker and just use that. The animation in that trailer is unbelievable.

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DevilishSix said:
"TeflonBilly said:
"Shadow2K6 said:
 I agree I think that says something when Killzone 2 gets great reviews when it does nothing new. 
I don't necessarily agree. Gears Of War 2 got stellar reviews too, and much like Killzone 2 it didn't do anything particularly new.
It just did what it did pretty damn good and there's something to be said for that.

What I take away from the blog post is that while Killzone 2 is a good game it's still stuck in the quagmire of space marines telling the enemy to fuck off while blowing caps in them. A noble and entertaining endeavor if there ever was one in videogames, but on a whole it feels slightly hollow.
I kinda cringe when people compare it to something like COD4, cause in my opinion the Halos, Gears Of Wars and Killzones of the world will never be able to match the gravitas of something severely rooted in reality if they're comparable in quality.
Play that gunship level in COD4 and then go on youtube and look at some footage from a real gunship. Kinda makes your stomach churn.

It's a shame I have to keep reitirating this to get the point across that I DON'T HATE KILLZONE 2, I LIKE IT! but I personally got more out of Flower and Noby Noby Boy on my PS3 last month. Then again, it may just be me suffering from shooter fatigue.
I have to really disagree that Gears of War 2 has done nothing new.  It took the old (and pretty much forgotten) survival mode concept in gaming and made it fun again with Horde Mode.  Horde Mode was made a marketing sell point for Gears 2 for nearly a year before launch.  Now I see everyone jumping on the band wagon with their own version, World at War has Nazi zombies, Saints Row 2 has Zombie Uprising, and L4D has announced a free survival mode DLC. 

I have played the Killzone 2 demo and although its pretty and shiney, I still felt underwhelmed, granted 10 minutes was way to short for a demo to sell a game.  I did notice a skirmish mode whitch I assume is the online with bots?  But I see no bonus content for replay value here that say a Horde mode offers?  I do like the Chacter Based concept for KZ2 much like Team Fortress 2 has......so I may pick up Killzone 2, but the marketing of what it offes, the gameplay I have seen, and the demo just have not been blow up skirt worthy.

Do not base your opinion of Killzone on the the demo I played the demo before picking it up and was really not that impressed. I don't know how early that demo was but the retail game feels a lot better and looks better to me overall. And you will get plenty of replay value from the multiplayer component of the game which will most defenitly keep people coming back to it for a long time.