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These thing are really, really hard. I beat the first boss only to fight those dudes more times than it took me to beat the boss. The only reason I managed to beat them was I saw Vinny do his test stream and "cheese" his way to beating them. Only with that tactic did I managed to finish them off. Of course, then I found out that the area beyond those dudes was an area I've already been. Hah!

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Loved the game and will probably get it when it is <$20

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Yup. Finish the game up and not release the game in a hot mess state. We can wait. Or, at least I can.

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@ares42: This is likely my most played game of 2014, on Mac and PS4

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Sorry man, can't give you any ideas on lists but I do like them. I have one for the games I've beaten. Give me a since of accomplishment .

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I liked Jeff when he was at Gamespot and was shocked to hear about him getting fired. When I heard that he had a new website-I was interested is seeing what was up. Became a member when they first offered it because I wanted to support the things that I enjoy.

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My 2 best friends became my friends due to gaming. Of course this was back in the NES days where we went over to each other's houses to play games but videogames is what brought us together.

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Voucher Code for PS3: 5G5Q-5DN7-BEJR

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I really enjoyed Too Human when it came out. It had a lot of potential but never really followed through on what they were trying to do with story after level 1.