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My 2 best friends became my friends due to gaming. Of course this was back in the NES days where we went over to each other's houses to play games but videogames is what brought us together.

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I really enjoyed Too Human when it came out. It had a lot of potential but never really followed through on what they were trying to do with story after level 1.

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Yup. Enjoyed the first game and love the Castlevania series in general but will wait till it comes out for the next gen consoles if ever. Too bad some of these games that are coming out now will get overshadowed because they are not on the new consoles.

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Played the beta for a bit. It's OK but not really for me. I'm a single player gamer (just suck and multiplayer games) and I feel like this can get boring for me very quickly. Perhapsn on Titanfall 2, they will have the time and money for a single player, story focused campaign.

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Probably doesn't really matter but cross platform games will likely run a bit smoother on the PS4 this generation and it is cheaper. Unless you really want the Xbox exclusives, then really no reason not to get the PS4 over the Xbox One for now.

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I don't enjoy "make your own fun" games all that much. If the game doesn't have a fun campaign, I am usually not interested.

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Louder than your 3? Wow, my PS3 sounded like it was taking off from an aircraft carrier. My PS4 is almost silent. I'd try calling and see if they have any suggestions or even exchange it for a new one.

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I really think that prequels are really lazy story telling now a days. Would rather see a sequel way in the future.