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Was it even up for sale?

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In true dark Souls style I want these pre order weapons to be completely useless to reinforce that no one gets preference in this ball breaking series. You have to earn it not pay for it!

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This is one time where I will be waiting for a few Aussie reviews. I really need to see what the servers will be like.

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@themanwithnoplan: I am the opposite. I want to so badly play the PC version but I am having trouble avoiding spoilers up to console release let alone the 25th. I shall be dragging out the xbox again.

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I'm Aussie. There seems to be quite a few of us in the giantbomb community. I feel its the irreverence that the duders have that really resonates with that Aussie sense of humour.

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I am looking forward to this. As a lapsed supporter from the nineties this might be the gateway drug back into the world of F1.

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@sanj: That will work and I won't be surprised if you then go back and play the previous two games.

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Yeah I am finding more and more that not having a local server is completely unacceptable. After the initial thrill of the game passing where I was forgiving any kind of stutter I have now come to the realisation It is just not the way I believe it should be played. Especially coming of BF4 servers with a ping of 30. I did hear somewhere that there would be microsoft servers ready by later this year but that is just not good enough for this release.

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This whole voice mail shit really real bummed me out. It got me thinking though. Are there any reformed dicks that have ever actually apologised or come forward to own up to what they did? I want to hear a good news story. Even if it was just one dick that spat vitriol and owned up and apologised.

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Such a great tribute!!!

Only idea I had was a "It's Tuesday" bonus that you get every 7 turns