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I started out enjoying the game, but I was ready to be done with it towards the end of it. It felt to samey to me.

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I haven't played any of the God of War games. I don't even have a Playstation. Not saying that if I did have a Playstation, that I wouldn't play them, or this new one for that matter.Looks cool.

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Is there a lot of people that use this service? Just curious.

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Awesome! All we have to do is comment on this story. Cool story Brad.
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I wish I got a several thosand dollar bonus check.

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I bought a core unit that already had the three red rings for 50 bucks.The previous owner didn't want to mess with sending it in to Microsoft(kinda stupid,with it being free to send in and all).So, I sent it in to get fixed.Not to long after I received the new I started having to turn the console on and off till it would read the game.Now it's showing two red red lights every once in while.I looked up two red lights, and it means that it is getting to hot.But, when I feel the console it doesn't feel hot at all.

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It's been about a week ago,but I tried to play some online and it would say I was connected to a 4 player game and then kick off.