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Joseph Joestar has got you pegged, Jeff!

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2 EU PS4 Codes:



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Dynasty Warriors 6. Can't say I've heard of that one. Is that photo faked? Can't be real, always thought they accidentally skipped an entry is all, like Devil May Cry.

*goes back into corner whilst silently chanting "it doesn't exist, it can't hurt me*

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Time marchers on, and so must we all, as life makes us all soldiers, shaped by experience. We gotta live life to the fullest, for those who have gone and for those yet to come. Journey's will end, but is is just that. the journey and not the destination, that we must embrace to the fullest.

Thanks for that, Patrick.

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Space combat would be nice, I guess. I have no actual idea if that is gonna be in the game, though.

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Yo dawg, we heard you like the Black Gulch poison statues so we gave them 360 degree firing range and the ability to move.

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Owlman or bust.

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Hoping for a full Project Beast unveiling.

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@demoskinos: If I couldn't even get her to survive regular Smelter, I doubt she would stand a chance against an NG+ or above version. I've cut my losses and am gonna try and get her to survive the Rotten instead, since she only needs to survive 3 of 4 bosses to complete the questline.