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Logarius feels like a Devil May Cry transplant with his red orbs and summoned swords...and I absolutely loved fighting him. He plays on those character action game tendencies in a similar manner to the Gascoigne fight. It's a shame that Father G is an easy tussle though, or I probably woulda voted him. Actually, I think 2nd place has to go to Gehrman since he tests everything you''ve learned over the course of the game, like Miyazaki originally wanted the Gwyn fight to feel like.

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I found Rom to be the hardest boss in the game, just the long range magic it used would usually hit no matter when i dodged i would still get hit...and hit again after being stunned and die. I just stayed within a range where the magic would come from the ground, since that showed where they would emerge. I would also clear out some of the spiders but not all. Fully Charged stake driver does some great damage on him.

Exactly the same for me. Finding him in a chalice dungeon waaaay later on was a chance for revenge considering how high a level I was at that point. Bosses that need mob assistance are the goddamn kryptonite of the Souls' games. Capra Demon is trivial when his pets are dead. Duke's Dear Freja is laughably easy once you get rid of a wave of her brood. Rom? Rom just fucking teleports away and summons and surrounds himself with another pack of spiders.

Also, about not finding out about jumping in the lake, usually there is a message or two at the end of the pier, not to mention Willem, the guy in the rocking chair, points his staff there everytime you "talk" to him.

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@shindig: If you unequip all weapons, you can go fisticuffs. And by fisticuffs, you can karate chop fools.

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@zevvion: Yeah, I was remembering and getting poise confused with the two, but I still had an easy time thanks to most bosses not doing enough damage to me cause of heavy armour. That, coupled with tons of healing wares, some of which (estus) would replenish if I died, made me feel more comfortable. In BB, I am scared to use blood vials willy nilly because if I die, I am not getting those wasted vials back unless I have stocked up in storage.

Also, a heavy emphasis on parrying bosses in BB is what also makes it difficult for me. I'm someone who has never been able to parry Gwyn to death. You could say it's not so different from dodging, but parrying requires you to stay still and if you whiff, you are taking a hit if the enemy is anywhere near you.

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@zevvion: To each their own. Amelia gave me more trouble than any Dark 2 boss save Smelter, the Ancient Dragon and the DLC bosses, and I think she's a fairly early game boss (was the 4th one I fought/5th I've beaten). I find bosses in that game leave way to many openings to heal and since healing items are plentiful, outlasting the boss becomes trivial. Plus, heavy armour and poise means tanking damage is a viable option.

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Something I felt sorely lacking in Dark Souls 2 was a fear of losing my souls and progress. I think a large part of that had to do with how frequent and close by the bonfires were to each other. It seems Miyazaki went back to the Demon's Souls school of checkpoint logic in that safe havens are few and far between, and this is crucial to a game like Bloodborne. The uneasiness one feels when they have a large amount of (not souls) blood echoes stored up, but are very far from the last lamp and have no items left to return safely with all that bloody currency in tact. Do you attempt the large trek back? Is it even possible if you've fallen down somewhere and don't know a way to return? Could there be a lamp right ahead in that building in the distance? What if it's a boss? What if it's a shortcut and I'm so close? These questions just buzz around in my mind like agitated wasps as I feel cold and alone in some backwater village or forest. I've been getting hung up on certain mechanical changes made, but hats off to Fromsoft for making me feel fear again.

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I can honestly say as even someone who mostly went shieldless and roll/dodge heavy in DeS/Dark 1/2, this game is still kicking my ass. I think a large part of it is that I never realized how docile a lot of the enemies were in those games. Bloodborne's rogues gallery rarely give you a moment to breathe, that is especially true with the bosses. It might be too early to tell, but I can say confidently that this game is easily harder than Dark Souls 2, though how it'll rank against the other 2 souls games remains to be seen.

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@zevvion: I have not fought the Witch boss yet so that's a no go.

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@counterclockwork87: I didn't/don't know if she's even parryable. I've shot her at every conceivable opening and nothing has happened.

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@sterling: Just used all 20 fighting Amelia only for her to to heal. Now I gotta go farm those 2 hunchback dudes in Central Yarnham for the next 10 minutes. YAY!

It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't have to keep going back to Hunter's Dream and could just reset the enemies after touching the porting place.