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All of mine are between July 29 and July 31. And I've never had problems with other ones showing up. Weird.

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Anybody else having this problem. I've got 19 that show up on Steam but the game doesn't even show up on my list here on GB.

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Hm. I think I'll pass. I still have Fable 2 left to play including the DLC packs.

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I am going to pick up Defense Grid and all 4 xpacs, but it will be when they go on a daily sale or the last day. $5 is good, but I don't trust Valve to not drop the price more the day after I buy it.

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I've got half of this but need help with the other half. The half I have is Wimpy's favorite food. Completely lost on the other one.

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@RetroHelix85 said:
" I have everything but updating status every day. I forgot to one day. How did so many people have it on day 1 and on? "
I got it by accident because I was already going for Super Sup Check when E3 started.
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What the hell, Lincoln and Force are both in that post - why isn't it working?

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This is an odd thread, but we have to force Lincoln into everything that we can.

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Hell yeah they should. Lincoln Force would be a great game.

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Much as I hate to admit it, Kinect Adventures looks pretty damn fun - especially if you've got kids.

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