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Just posting to say that 775 is a perfect number choice.

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@Robo said:

Yep, hah. I'll probably just make a bunch of comic/game-related paint jobs and put them up for grabs.

I have no specific request I guess, but I'd probably be all giddy about any Marvel cars you'd put out.

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I'm also experiencing this.  I was able to watch the short CoD: Black Ops and Dead Space 2 trailers earlier, but trying to catch up on quick looks and features tonight has resulted in nothing but errors.  Tecmo Bowl Throwback, Luke Smith on the Halo: Reach Beta, and Quick Look: Nier have all frozen so far about halfway through, with the loading bar completed while the buffer/play indicator spins indefinitely. 
Using Chrome on XP, and have used this setup to play videos before without issue.

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Mass Effect 3 on the Sony list
Call of Duty: MMO for Activision

MAN this is gonna be a good E3!

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It's weird, I pre-ordered Skate 3 at the exact same time, and it mentions the $10 credit I got with that in the confirmation e-mail.  So I look at the e-mail for RDR and see nothing there,  cancel and re-order and still nothing there on the new e-mail.  Oh well, definitely gettin' 20 bucks back now.

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Man, now I have to go and look back to see if that was in place when I pre-ordered it earlier this week.  Thanks for the heads up!

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@Captain_Insano: Perhaps, though for a long while I only clawed for Halo, and kept using the index-on-trigger, buttons-with-thumb method for the rest of my Xbox games.  Right up until Halo 2 came out and sucked away my days, at that point it just became muscle memory that I picked up a controller and went into the Claw style right away.
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@528seven:  I KNOW, RIGHT?
Forget the claw, those guys are freaks.
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Added a pic to the OP for clarification.
At one point I did try to convert to the analog-pinch method for the N64 just to see what advantage I could get from it.  I lost all sense of reference and just never could get it down.

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 With the news of the Halo: Reach default controls having the melee button placed on the Right Bumper, I realized that the last major holdout reason I have for using the claw didn't exist anymore.  It's likely I'll revert to the old Halo control scheme, but at this point it's simply because I associate The Claw with my 360 controller, and my hands are stuck that way with almost every game.   Most controller schemes simply seem to be built with death-dealing accessibility in mind, so the biggest advantages to it are lost.

For those unfamiliar, The Claw consists of holding an Xbox or 360 controller with your right hand set up thusly: Right thumb on the right analog stick, right index finger manning the face buttons (bumper optional), and right middle finger keeping the trigger a twitch away (bumper optional).  

 As indicated by an apparently blurry dude from a website that mentions The Claw.
  In an FPS like Halo 1 and 2, this was a tremendous asset as you could keep aiming or firing while jumping, while having quick access to the melee button.  Perhaps this could be suited for a Playstation controller though I've yet to find myself using it with my PS3.
As an extra, non-FPS example: Need for Speed Underground's Drag Racing mode was fantastic with a Claw  setup.  You can keep your head on a swivel to make sure no-one is about to and overtake you, be ready to shift with the face buttons when prompted, and keep that accelerator floored. 
Also, while growing up I knew a kid who used an N64 method everyone around here called "pinching," where instead of using a thumb for the analog stick, he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger. If using the Z trigger, he would reach underneath with his right hand and tap it that way.  He could kick my ass at Smash Bros., so I never questioned it.  He returned the favor likewise after I had naturally began using The Claw with Halo.
So what goofy ways do you hold your controllers?  Do you associate it with certain genres like First Person Shooters?  Is it on a game-by-game basis, or perhaps just every game?
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