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Done, thank you!

You can delete that user I made for the post.

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@RenMcKormack: Fifth generation is PS1 and N64, what I meant is you can choose from fifth gen upwards.

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My friend told me that VG music hasn´t been as memorable since the SNES era and now, being the jackass that I am, I need to prove him wrong.

I already showed him 2 songs to prove my point, both from the PS2 era, what are your choices?

My choices are:

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@Denric: Thats the one!

Thank you, sir.

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@EVO: Nope, the game had isometric view.

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I'm trying to find this game I played on my dad's computer in the early 90's, I don't have many details, but hopefully someone here remembers it.

I remember this:

  • If I remember correctly it was some kind of dungeon crawler set in a tower.
  • The character was a wizard and his attack was a fireball.
  • The game had isometric view.
  • I remember playing in black and white, but when we got a color monitor the game also had colors.

I know those clues describe a lot of games, let's see if I'm lucky.

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@FlarePhoenix: I didn't mean no one plays singleplayer FPSs in general, I meant those modern military FPSs where the focus is the MP mode. I, personally, don't buy those kind of games, in my country games cost WAY too much so I would never pay 200 bucks on a game that has 4 hours of singleplayer gameplay.

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@PillClinton: What if EA said that the next Battlefield game will come out without SP and the price will still be the same?

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@doobie: How much did it cost back then?

Also, we didn't have a lot of those games years ago, now every single FPS game has a multiplayer mode.

@FlarePhoenix: Sure, some people get those games for the singleplayer campaign, but would you agree that they are a small percentage of the sales?

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No one buys those games because of their singleplayer campaign, everyone is in it for the multiplayer, so I got a couple of questions.

If a company were to axe the singleplayer mode and still charge the full price, would you still buy the game?

Would you make a big deal out of it, even though that probably means that they didn't waste development time on a game nobody would play?

Edit: by full price I mean triple A game price.

Edit 2: I'm not talking about taking SP from every single FPS game, I'm talking about modern military shooters with focus on MP.