Overpower (CCG)

Does anyone remember the collectible card game called Overpower?  When it was first released, it featured a lot of the Marvel characters, heroes and villains. Then they released some DC and Image sets.
In the game, each player would have a homebase, some missions to complete (sort of a betting/gambling system), a set of 4 characters to play with (3 in front, 1 in reserve), as well as their deck of cards to draw from.  Players would have various specials (playable by a specific character/any character), some universal powerup cards (like lampposts, weapons, teamwork cards, training cards), and some powercards (basic attacks).  Types of damage were based on non-specific damage, energy, fighting, strength, and intelligence.
In order to kill off a character, that character would have to be hit with 20 permanent damage, or get hit with 3 different types of damage.  Sometimes a character would be able to survive the spectrum (3 different types of damage), or the 20 hit-point limit.  To win the game, all of the opponent's characters had to die, all of your missions had to be completed, or all of your opponent's missions had to fail.
It was a pretty simplistic game back in the day, when Magic the Gathering was around (and I assume it still is), but it was pretty fun.  The specials for your characters were interesting. 
I used to play this during lunch hours with my buddies, but as time went on, we stopped playing this and started playing Italian card games like Briscola.
Just wondering if there are/were any fans of this game.  A few years ago while I was looking up ways to make my own computer games to play with, I thought about putting together Overpower cards and try to play online somehow.  Turned out that someone was already doing this type of project and told me about it.  We soon started to get the word out and we formed a community around it.  Without any voice chat at the time, we had to use IRC to setup game meetups, and soon started to play online.  Fun times! :)
I think at our max, we had like maybe 10-15 people playing in the channel.. it wasn't super popular, especially since it was an old game.
I still have a copy of the game with all the cards scanned in, but without anyone to play with, there's no reason for me to load it up besides to look at the cool cards.  The other problem too is that the game has some files that are needed in order to run correctly - these files overwrite some of windows' originals :/.
Man, I even had some pretty cool homemade TMNT cards - they looked pretty professional too, thanks to a friend's photoshop templates... sadly I lost those templates during a harddrive crash - didn't have a chance to back them up... and I lost contact with the guys when our website went down! Doh :/.