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Monkeying Around the Apocalypse 0

 With so many details to love about  Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, the moment that really struck me is one of the most intangible yet core elements that games seem to be missing these days. Right in the middle of my adventure when I successfully fended off another horde of mechs in destructive slow motion glory, I realized that I was having a blast playing this game. It isn't immediately apparent, as it takes a while to see through its quirks and borrowed gameplay and story elements, but when ...

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Until You Get It Perfect 0

After a decade, we have arrived at the end for Bungie developed Halo games. The series and its creators are both at a crossroads. Before we move on completely, we journey to Reach to see how the events of the rest of the series almost never happened. Will  Halo: Reach rewrite the standards for prequels or is it just a story that was better left unplayed?     Team Noble coming at you  Let's Go, 6The story of  Halo and I have a mixed past. I gave up on the stories during the main campaign, but ...

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Alan Wake Flickers With Potential 0

I either missed the initial wave of excitement about Alan Wake when it was announced at E3 in 2005 or I had completely forgotten about it since it was so long ago. My discovery of the game came in 2009's E3 presentation, where the video footage absolutely blew me away. I could immediately tell that this was a story that I wanted to get lost in. I love it when a game tries to mess with my head. I was sold on the premise and the trust that Remedy could deliver the gameplay goods with Microsoft k...

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No Hope for Kratos 3

Let's get this out of the way. God of War 2 was the crowning achievement of my PS2 gaming days. I am a huge Kratos fan. I'm big enough fan of the niche of the action genre that GoW created, that I shelled out cash for the recent soulless knock-off, Dante's Inferno. I held off on purchasing a PS3 for a long time, but God of War 3 was where my motivation started every time I was weighing the decision. It was a game I never doubted, never questioned. I try and avoid putting games or movies on a ped...

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