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A game that is perfect doesn't need to change. Buying 3 copies (360, PS3, Xbox One)

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I just picked up Black Ops II on PC this weekend (since I left my Xbox at home). I have to say it's much easier to aim and play with a 360 controller. I guess you can play on the PC with a controller, but I think I'll end up getting it on either 360 or PS3.

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PS3 and no problems. Gotta love console gaming, no errors, no driver updates, put the disc in and play.

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Hell no, Sleeping Dogs sucked.

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1-Black Ops II
2- MW3
3- FIFA 14
4- Madden 25
5- Forza 4
6- Black Ops
7- MW2
8- MW
9- Battlefield 3
10- Battlefield 4

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@jdh5153: Why?

Usually, third party titles aren't so good on the Wii U.

And your source for that bit of nonsense would be?

The fact that EA and Bethesda refuse to release games on the Wii U because the hardware can't handle it.

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I love Metro apps and the whole start screen. The desktop was always ugly and I hated looking at it. I haven't booted to Windows since 8.1 launched though, probably won't upgrade for awhile.

And yes, Mavericks is better, which is why I haven't been booting to Windows.

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How do you join a game with a friend on the PS3? It seems impossible. On Xbox all I'd have to do is invite to party and go...I guess I should've gotten it for 360 instead. There's literally no option to start a party or join a game with a friend