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If you're on 360 I'd join, though I'm trying to focus more on Ultimate Team this year since I got the Anniversary Edition (with 17 weekly card packs).

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Not I. The only time I wear a watch is when it's jewelry, not to tell the time or do anything else. Wouldn't be caught dead wearing a plastic looking watch or any sort of digital watch. Besides, what's the point if you always have a smart phone in your pocket? I can see a use for Google Glass, but not this.

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Nintendo is on the ropes trying to do anything to survive the Wii U. Quite hilarious.

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@sooty said:

Sold my iPad (full sized, third generation) for the Nexus 7 recently. Yeah never going back to iOS. It's poor in comparison, in a post Android 2.3 world.

Although I reached this conclusion a while ago (been using Android phones for almost 3 years), I didn't feel comfortable pulling the trigger on an Android tablet after a horrible experience with them in 2011, ugh, Honeycomb. What a piece of shit that was.

Anyway yeah, as someone that was running the iOS 7 beta, there is absolutely nothing compelling about the direction iOS is going, and it still has awful, awful notifications, no widgets, a poor keyboard, poor communication between apps and app management in comparison to Android. Don't even get me started on the crappy iOS keyboard and the fact you cannot change it if you dislike it. (even via jailbreaking, modification options are poor) I feel that design wise Apple have lost their touch, because iOS 7 is a very weird looking beast and Android leapfrogged iOS in the design department after Ice Cream Sandwich and Apple haven't been able to replicate or better Android's (4.0 and up) current, understated yet quite slick design.

So, make a choice, are games really, really important to you? If so yeah, iOS is better, if not, Android is a far more pleasant operating system to use, and smarter, too. I'll happily take a smaller selection of games if it means not putting up with an operating system that feels half baked in comparison to the competition at this point.

edit: note I am talking about stock Android which I use on my phone and Nexus 7.

Whine, whine, whine. iOS is the best operating system on any device in the world. If you like an operating system a two year old could've developed, sure go Android. If you want class and style, there's only one choice. Apple.

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The moment I took it back to RedBox.

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Offline is dead. I'm still hoping the Xbox One reverts to an online only console sometime in the future. Catering to those who are afraid of modern technology / progress is just dumb. Good for EA.

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iPad Mini or iPad 2 at that price range. iPad 4 would be ideal.

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If you expect the multiplayer to be good in any game that isn't Call of Duty, Halo, Gears or Battlefield you're wrong.

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I just received my copy today and it comes with an insert that has a Direct TV username and password to use to login with. You can login with the iPad / iPhone app, and on the Direct TV website.

At first I was having issues and called Direct TV and they said my account was tied to Dillon's Department Stores and I was like WTF, then after about 20 minutes they said that it won't be active until August 29th and then you can login to make sure everything works.

AFter getting off the phone with them I logged in again and changed my user name and password and it's now working on all my devices. There's nothing to see until the season starts, but it definitely works. I recommend logging in online first so you can change your username and password because they're long as heck! ex: XXXXXX@NFL.2013.Directv.com is your username and the password is like XXX_XXXXX-XXXXXXXX.....So yeah, definitely change that.

Time to play some Madden until the season starts!!!

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