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@extomar: I just got it sorted out and had my password changed and the codes worked, both for Mists of Pandaria and for the Heart of the Aspects mount.

Nice! Now get an authenticator.

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Oh expert jdh5153...since when? They have never given out games for free to get people to play them. There have been discounts tied to events (buy this and get that free) but never has Blizzard given away a game or store items to get people to play a game again.

They have. Just a few months ago they made Cataclysm and WoTLK free for people who subscribed after playing the free trial. I've also known people who haven't played for years and Blizzard gave them the expansions free.

http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=500259 just one example of many.

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That means someone got your bnet account/password and purchased the expansion and mount. Blizzard is pretty quick on the bans if they notice you live in Rhode Island but suddenly you login and make a purchase from Shanghai. You may want to check your CC to see how much stuff they bought.

They often do send out stuff like this, but I guess this one is fake:


Definitely recommend getting an authenticator app. I've never had the slightest issue with my BattleNet account.

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A friend of mine got all of the expansions free awhile back, or I think they were all free and Mists was $5.

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@jdh5153: dude that's running at like 8 frames a second. you're going to have a seizure!

It was like 22fps...I see no difference between that and when I played it on my 360. FRAPS probably slows it down too, or the way I have it set up, I don't think I have it set to record at the highest quality.

Here's some Borderlands 2:

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and FIFA:

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I game using Windows 8 via bootcamp on my 2012 13" MacBook Pro (2.5ghz i5, Intel HD 4000, 8gb RAM).

I play a lot of games anywhere from medium-high to high settings without very many issues. Play Borderlands 2, Borderlands, Saints Row 3, FIFA 13, Batman Arkham Asylum / City, Sleeping Dogs, Sim City, The Sims 3, Civilization V, Age of Empires III, Star Wars: The Old Republic without the slightest issues.

The only game in my entire Steam library that I can't get to run is GTA IV and I think it's a Windows 8 issue because people on Windows PC's have the same issue as me.

Here's my Mac running Sleeping Dogs, I think it runs pretty well:

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That looks like it'll be lots of fun ,especially at parties just to leave on in the background and let whoever steps in front of the Kinect play. Can't wait to play it!

Criticizing the trailer is stupid, it's a teaser trailer, not a gameplay trailer.

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If you think you'd use Xbox Live for the next 2 years you can get a 250gb Xbox 360 S with two games (Arkham City and DarkSiders II) For $99. Just have to commit to 2 years of Xbox Live at $14.99/mo. I did it last week and got myself a new Xbox and gave my old Elite to my girlfriend so we could play Halo together. Good times.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. The idea of putting League of Legends on a console is just stupid enough that I can imagine Microsoft trying to get a slice of that MOBA pie without understanding that anyone with a computer less than 10 years old can run League.

They already have a slice of the MOBA pie with Guardians of Middle-Earth, a perfectly functional and fun console MOBA. League would be great on consoles.

Guardians of Middle-Earth was made with a controller in mind. League of Legends was not. Oh, believe me, I bet it would be playable if the rumors were true, I just don't see why anyone would want to when they could play it with KB+M. Same scenario as the console versions of TF2, really.

I'd rather play almost any game with a controller than a keyboard and mouse. It wouldn't be hard to adapt LoL to play well with a controller, in fact you can even do it on PC. It looks like Diablo III will play much better with a controller as well.

This is where we come to a fundamental difference in opinion I'm afraid. There's a certain level of speed and precision that League of Legends demands that I don't think would work well with a controller. Then you add in the fact that the userbases would have to be segregated and I don't think any hypothetical console version would be relevant for all that long.

Controlling character movement with the analog stick and using the face buttons for your attacks would allow for MUCH more speed and precision than a mouse and keyboard...