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Call of Duty Ghosts had GOTY won for me since it was announced. Nothing will change that. FIFA 14 will take #2, Madden 25 #3, GTA V #4 and maybe Beyond Two Souls at #5.

Okay at first I thought this was a joke post by naming all the dumb AAA sequel driven, roster update games and then you got to #4 and #5 and now I'm not so sure? Or maybe you still are joking and your opinion on GTA V and Beyond isn't very high.

I enjoy Madden, FIFA and CoD more any given year than all of the other games that come out any given year combined. Always have, always will.

So Call of Duty will always take #1 because that's the game all of my friends buy and we spend hours upon hours playing together and having fun. Then FIFA and Madden are practically equal. I play them mostly single player (franchise mode / etc), but occasionally play my friends or Ultimate Team which is a blast.

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Call of Duty Ghosts had GOTY won for me since it was announced. Nothing will change that. FIFA 14 will take #2, Madden 25 #3, GTA V #4 and maybe Beyond Two Souls at #5.

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Every day when I turn my PS3 on I have a new corrupt data thing listed under the 'Game' menu. When I click information it says 0kb and is around 4:30am, which is when I have the PS3 set to update its data. What is going wrong here?

Also last week a handful of games I downloaded and installed through PS Plus disappeared and were replaced by Corrupted Data. Under info they would show the size of the original game, so like 11gb and such.

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Took me around 4 hours until I started to enjoy the combat. When you start you have barely any options which was not enjoyable but once you get some freedom it is great.

Hopefully it works out that way then.

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It gets better, and better, and better... likely until you'll see it just the same way as most everbody else. And then you'll play multiplayer, which is the most amazingly fun surprise of the year - so good!

Would you recommend trying the multiplayer before getting further in the story?

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I can't tell if OP's post is a joke or not.

Give the game more than 1 and a half hours before you trade it in for something you already own, and play it on 'Normal' at least, you big baby.

EDIT: "But I'm enjoying Beyond Two Souls a MILLION times more than The Last of Us. I feel like even its combat is better than The Last of Us..." In a game where none of the QTEs have impact on anything you do aka YOU CAN'T FAIL A QTE. That 3/5 from Alex was well deserved both as a movie and a game

Nevermind. False alarm. Troll thread.

OP is a well-known Xbox fanboy. Probably the biggest on the site.

No, he's just a troll. The whole term "fanboy" is idiotic in my opinion.

I fail to see how anything I've said can be interpreted as trolling, but whatever. And clearly I'm an Xbox fanboy that went out and spent $450 on a PS3 and games last weekend. My bad.

I'll play some more tonight, but if I can't get into it I'll definitely be trading it for a PSN card. There's a lot of games on PSN I've thought of picking up.

Also, I may have Black Ops II on the 360, but it would be a worthy buy on the PS3 since I have friends who play it on the PS3... So wanting to play a game with my friends is also trolling these days....wtf?

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If you're asking if it ever gets light hearted and airy, the answer is no, it doesn't really.

If you're asking if the gameplay will ever become something other than what you're experiencing, the answer is also no.

If you feel that a 12 hours of what you've done so far wouldn't be fun for you, then stop now and save yourself the trouble.

lame. Guess I'll just trade it in and get a $20 PSN card.

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Its a great game, but another example of praise and exaggeration of a game based solely on its production value and presentation. The same thing with Bioshock Infinite, a good game with great presentation and production value, but with mediocre shooter mechanics and player movement and interaction.

I mean, I guess there are gamers that are more into story and presentation rather than gameplay and varied core mechanics, I guess that's why stuff like Beyond Two Souls exists. And for them, Bioshock and LoU are amazing games.

But I'm enjoying Beyond Two Souls a MILLION times more than The Last of Us. I feel like even its combat is better than The Last of Us...

Unfortunately Last of Us only trades for $23 at Gamestop..Looking like I'll be out $40 on a game I've owned for a handful of days. Unless maybe there's some invincibility and weapons cheat so I can just run through it and not deal with hiding bullcrap and bricks.

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So everyone made this game seem like the game to end all games, yet I'm about an hour and a half in and bored out of my mind. First of all I'm so sick of the 'boost me up' or 'help me open this door' crap, it's annoying as hell and slows the game down for no reason.

Second of all, stealth gameplay sucks. I don't want to throw bricks, I want to punch or shoot people in the head. The game keeps trying to make me sneak around and crap, and I know the point is "it's the apocalypse there aren't a lot of bullets", but then why when I try to run straight at people do they just keep unloading on me?

I'm playing on easy, so I've made it through most fights with a few bullets left, but I don't feel like the combat is any fun.

Will I ever have any fun with this game? Kind of thinking of trading it in and just picking up Black Ops II on PS3 (have it on Xbox, but can't think of anything better) or toward FIFA 14. This game has been pretty lame so far.... and I really don't give a crap about the characters, and from what I understand that's supposed to be the strong point.

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It is only for used games however. You can't return new games for a full refund.


We do not accept returns of:

  • Any product(s) returned more than 30 days from the date on the packing slip.
  • Any product(s) that has been opened (taken out of its plastic wrap).
  • Any product(s) not in its original condition.
  • Any product(s) that is damaged, played, or is missing parts.
  • Any product(s) that were sold as part of a bundle, unless the bundle is returned complete.