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They pitch the ads as being more immersive, and helping to drive home the reality of what is happening.  My feelings are mixed on whether it actually does that or if it is just a cheap ploy to get ad dollars.

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I think Hitman:Blood Money is good, but I still like Silent Assasin as well.  SA also has some slightly more hardcore elements in some ways.  

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OMG, Jedi Power battles on PS1, YES. 
But my answer has to be: 

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Hello I am trying to generate interest in the indie game I am working on. Please check our our kickstarter page and you can learn about the different rewards you can get for supporting our development!
We also have a competition on Facebook where you can get free rewards for spreading the word about our game and posting images and screenshots.
Here is the super sexy HD youtube video as well


Knights is an online action adventure game in which players travel across all of space and time in a vast multiverse to battle evil, defend the innocent, and add to the collective good of the cosmos. Your role: a knight - a paragon of goodness and virtue charged with defeating evil in whatever form it takes; whether that happens to be vanquishing terrifying armies or reading bed-time stories to orphans. 

The game is designed to be infinitely expandable in bite-sized releases. In one scenario, the knights are up against an invading fleet of star Vikings, while in another it might be mushroom zombies, haunted bicycles, evil robots, or psychic space bees. The scenarios are as variable as we can stretch our imaginations, and the same applies to gameplay and art style. Ranging from single player narratives to multiplayer arenas, co-operative gameplay, and everything in between; cutting edge graphics or 8 bit - Knights is intended to be like a music playlist that goes on and on in endless variety.

This game is funded by its players. The more you add to the pot, the bigger the game gets, the faster it develops, and the richer the content becomes. Once it hits market it'll generate a revenue stream of its own, but until then, it's on you. This game belongs to its community.