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FYI The N3DS doesn't come with a charger... not even in North America. Such anti-consumer bs from Nintendo.

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@hatking: I was responding to a person who was implying Sony should be worried about a new Forza. Context bud.

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@kasaioni: Microsoft needs a first party answer to a major game like Gran Turismo. Just as Sony needs a first party answer to Halo.

FYI GT5 itself has pretty much outsold the entire Forza franchise. Also, I should add that a lot of Forza sales from aggressive bundling.

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@kasaioni: Forza games sell poorly. Sony doesn't really have to worry.

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Another Forza game. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised MS is turning this boring franchise in an annual one.

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EA trying to work their way back into Sony's good graces after their partnership with Microsoft. Guess they can no longer ignore the writing on the wall now.

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@ungodly: I'm talking exclusively about recent history. Not shit from 20 years ago. I would also point out that TR was a game that was set to release for all platforms until MS swooped in to buy exclusivity. This isn't the case with SF5. They're making it very clear from the get-go that SF5 is exclusive to the PS4/PC.

What if Darkstalkers is also PS4 exclusive? ;p

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MS set the precedent and has moneyhatted two games that were meant to be multiplatform already. So why should I be outraged when Sony is just playing the game?

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Where's the PS4 footage at CD Projekt?

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@kanerobot: Anyone who is invested in Microsoft video game platforms should care. MS has displayed time and time again that they are creatively bankrupt and would rather throw vast sums of money at everything but creating original content. But don't let that get in your way. Roll on little Microsoft warrior.