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What Brad is leaving?!

Here we go again
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Yea, shes got some really catchy stuff, and while she can go overboard on the "weirdness", its nice to see a popstar that has something more interesting going on than just being hot.

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Yea, it used to happen to me all the time.

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Radiohead - OK Computer

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Thats a great album and they definitely  were a huge influence on Alt Rock, but Most influential band of the last 50 years... Hell No

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Try harder next time.

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I have a question, how come we can't indent and double space after a paragraph?

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Shivering Isles is a full blown expansion pack, not a just a quest line like knights of the nine.  Its worth it in my opinion, especially if you want more oblivion. 
As for the achievement issue, thats how it works for all games DLC's, its not something bethesda did specifically.

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Its great, but pretty short considering the game's huge.

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" @JDMan1313 said:

" @FengShuiGod said:

" Half of it anyways, unless there are 5,000 subscribers. "
I like how some people are still misinformed. "
You lose half of it for a week, if it is even worth listening to by then unless there are 5,000 subs. How exactly am I misinformed?
 If I give you half a glass of milk now, do you really want to drink the second half a week later? Sure, it might not be spoiled, but it might be. Do I really want to hear the GiantBomb crew talk about PAX more than a week after it's over? Do I really want to hear them talk about anything a week or more after it has happened? Maybe sometimes, but not always. Instead, I'll have to filter through half of the Bombcast to listen to something that may or may not be old. And how are they going to split it? Are they going to interrupt the Bombcast to say "Ok guys, now we start taping the Bombcast for the subscribers now, feel free to join us in a week" or are non-subscribers going to get cut off until they get the second half next week? Is the overall quality of it going to suffer because they are splitting it in half for a week? Is half the Bombcast, for all intents and purposes going to be expired? I think so, and I think it's fair to say that you lose half of it forever. "
You're first post made it sound like we were completely losing half of it.  And they've said the first half will be all of the time sensitive stuff.