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Hmm. yeah, even though it says "74 User reviews" following through the link gives me a big ol' Luchadeer 404.

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@TheMasterDS said: 

 " @JDUB_XL: There's a topic here where they try to figure that out. If you want we can take the middleman out and discuss it here, but I'm fine with them having that conversation there. " 

   Ok,  thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and posted in that thread too. 
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I quite like "Cluster Bomb"

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 Does this event have an official name yet? Since it's a group event I have been thinking of things that involve multiple explosions and the best I have so far is "Cluster Bomb"
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As this is a huge problem that seems to be affecting the every day use of the forum, I am wondering if I can have a mod sticky this at the top of the bug reporting board.

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Personally, I think this is pretty over kill. Parents should be allowed to be parents and use their own discretion on whether or not to allow their children to have a damn happy meal and get a toy. McDonalds and other places even offer healthy solutions in their happy meals like Apple slices and Milk instead of frys and sodas. This is where our tax money goes.
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Little Big Planet: I was overjoyed when I first started playing it. I was just so damn happy. Too bad I was not as enthusiastic about the full game. 
Uncharted 2: Although I only played it once, that was enough for me to end up in a couple IGN videos. 
I am looking forward to the Reach beta SO MUCH!