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I'm thinking about getting Fallout New Vegas for PC, but both my brother and I will want to play it on our own Gamertags and earn our own achievements. Is that possible with one installation of the game?

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Once again, thank you. Monster Mayhem is a really really cool game!
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Awesome, thank you :)
Yeah I saw those today before I went out to buy the system. I picked up a few of those games. And you did not do bad. I like sales almost as much as free things.
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by kinda broken, I did not know you meant no videos work at all lol. It is totally useless.

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Well, it's free now so...
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Looking for some suggestions on free apps to put on this thing. I'm looking for mostly apps since most free games are demos, but if you have a good free game suggestion hit me! 
So far I have:
Giant Bomb

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Like really. How does this happen after so many better versions of Sam have been present on the other covers?

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Here are a few options for you:

For PC

 It is available to buy for PC for $10 on Amazon right here  Xbox version is $29.99
You can probably try a free trial on Gametap for a month or something and play it and finish it. 

If you have an original XBOX

 Gamestop has the Xbox Version for 7.99 used. You can click the store availability button and see if any local stores by you have it in stock or you can just order it online.
If you have a Gamefly Account you can try to rent it
Hope that helps :)
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 This is so awesome

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One badly designed stealth or escort mission in a regular action game can ruin a whole experience for me.