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Just messing around on Photoshop, hadn't seen anybody else do this so I thought I'd whip something up for fun.

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There's a thread for this, and even if there wasn't, this would probably be image spam.

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@@Video_Game_King: If it's a blog then why does it matter what it is? I'm asking sincerely because I still don't understand half the 'etiquette' of the forums

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Love Alex in that pic. Well done.

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So Patick is Loki?

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@JDW519: When you attach a blog post to the forums, it is subject to all the same rules as a normal forum thread, so sadly, this would come under image spam. You can posts blogs without them going on to the forums - it makes it harder for people to find them but not impossible.

However, I do have to applaud your photoshop. Really good work. Think about posting it here.

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@Chavtheworld: Thanks for the information, and the compliment, that really helps.

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@supamon said:

So Patick is Loki?

His nickname is 'Trick'

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I have assembled!

Wait what...

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@JDW519: No problem, I know I made the same mistake without knowing when I posted my first blog :)


Black Widow is still hot.... Jus Sayin.

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I think it's been well-explained why this thread violates the rules; it is image spam and essentially a duplicate thread. Locking this down.