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As cool as it would be to see the game get remade, I have no interest in replaying all of that content for the 4th or 5th time. They maybe shouldn't have presented it in such a way, but there's no way to make a FF7 announcement without pissing someone off.

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Wow, that's awesome, you think they'd try to get that information out more.

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There's a bar that serves bacon in a pint glass near my friend's house, life changing info to learn...

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Just went back to the first bombcast I had listened to, April 21st 2009, god, so many great memories, thanks for a the good years Ryan.

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The most important thing is for the guys to do what they feel is right and are comfortable doing and if that means they never record another bombcast again then so be it.

However I'm sure Ryan would be devastated if that happened and I hope we get to see a Ryan Davis memorial cast at some point.

That'd be great if they could get people like John Drake and Sessler to come on for that episode if they do do one.

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I guess if it counts as a vote from the community or something I'll say I'd rather not have a Bombcast either this week, just wouldn't feel right otherwise.

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The world lost such an awesome guy, can't believe he's gone...

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Boycott is a strong word, but it's certainly at a point where I probably won't buy one unless they show some really crazy exclusive games.

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Haven't had a chance to post anything in a bit, but my moms back home, doing much better. Just getting used to insulin shots and all that. Once again things for the response, it was really encouraging to see these posts. I've been reminded why this site/community is awesome.

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Thanks for the kind words, any and all are really appreciated right now. Actually the doctors just said the other day she'll be awake in the next day or so possibly, they got her sugar down to 139. It's just a matter of getting her electrolytes at a normal level now. There's diabetes in her families medical history, but unfortunately I don't think my mom monitored that kind of thing very closely. Luckily we've got a pretty supportive network of people around us and the more I do hear about diabetic comas the better I feel, just from the reality that it's something lots of people come out of.