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What you really need is cornbread with bacon in it. Its fantastic.

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so we have to buy the dvds/bd to see the true end? did the animation studio go over budget?

lol at summoning Lucifer to save the day

No. The true ending was likely always meant to be DVD only. When the show was announced, they stated that only twenty-five episodes would air.

But man, that confrontation with Adachi was intense, and handled quite a bit better than as it occurs in the game.

The hell is going on with endings of late?

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Sometimes old gfw ones but since the compilations came out there is no need.

Know where I can find those? I love 97.5 The Brodeo.

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Very interesting read. I didn't agree with everything said but I found a lot of the points to be interesting.

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Here's some video of someone fighting Elizabeth in Score Attack mode. She is crazy over powered.

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I've never cried but I do feel a very strong emotional response to a lot of stuff from the Mass Effect series.

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@Vegetable_Side_Dish: Oh good, I didn't have to post that video. Somebody did it for me.

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Mass Effect 3.

I'm super bummed that nothing is really coming out until late summer that I'm really interested in.

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College. I go have an on campus job at the Media Services department. Its pretty boring so I'm usually on here.

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Yes. I hate the ending, but I loved the game and nothing will change that. I'm on my second playthough right now as renegade Shepard. Some of the shit you do... man.