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They've tried complaining, they've tried donating, that one guy tried the FTC, now they're trying... cupcakes?

Thats right, in order to show both their love and disapointment with BioWare, fans are going to sent 400 cupcakes to BioWare Edmonton. There will be 3 different cupcakes, red, blue, and green, with the letters A, B, and C on them. Anyone who donates towards the cupcakes gets to include their own personal message (It has to be polite of course).

If your interested you can find out more here

While I'm a hater on the endings, I have found a lot of the fan's attempts at getting BioWare's attention to be a bit distasteful. But I kind of like this one. Its the right bit of ridiculous. So, I say go for it BioWare fans.

EDIT: Oh, apparently all the cupcakes will taste the exact same. That's actually really clever.

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Here's some screenshots of Elizabeth in action

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@AngelN7: @FluxWaveZ: Yeah at least it makes sense fictionally.

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And yet, still no games coming out this summer when I actually have some free time. Sigh...

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Wow that's crazy weird. I mean its not like some crazy guy that just came out of no where. Its a dude on youtube, whose videos I could go watch right now.

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Signed up in a heartbeat!

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Futurama. That's pretty much it.

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Its more a matter of principle for me. I hate what they represent.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

"Well.. I suppose I did just write your name in the stars."

That'd one of my favorite moments in the game, if not the whole series.