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How about Marie? I no she doesn't have a persona but fuck it you can give her one.

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Airbender is awesome and Korra is pretty great. That's my two cents on the subject.

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"A Kentucky Fried Chicken that serves homemade burgers when no one else is looking" is maybe the most perfect description of Giant Bomb.

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Man they are adding a lot of new characters. I like Ken's new look. He looks so different. Is Koromaru wearing his old jacket?

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Seemed it was recorded pre-price drop announcement. Bummer, would have made the conversation more interesting.

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Burlington, Vermont, USA

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Man, great episode. I got real close to watching Kenny kill Carver but I didn't do. I've saved Clementine from that dark road... for now.

I'm curious where the tension will come from now that Carver is gone.

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Love the design. Bummer I can't go to every PAX :(

Totes saw you at East tho! Saw ur ID and urrythang~!

That's true! It was cool meeting you. Hopefully I'll see you at the next PAX East.

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Love the design. Bummer I can't go to every PAX :(

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Everything about this makes me feel one step closer to the "Fifth Element" future I so badly want.