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I shot Kenny and left Jane. Certainly the bleakest choice but my personal favorite in terms of leading to the most interesting situations. I watched the other choices and going with Kenny seems the most heartfelt and uplifting.

Definitely seems like this is the ending to Clementine's story. Not sure how I feel around this. On the one hand I really love Clementine as a character and I want to keep seeing her, but on the other hand I don't know what else they could do with her.

Overall I'd say this season was good. Its not the masterpiece that I consider Season One to be, but it had a lot of really good stuff in it and I'm glad I played it.

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I didn't like the Mako but I loved the idea's behind the Mako. Sounds like Bioware is determined to get it right this time which is all I can ask for.

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This was a heavy fucking episode.

I thought I have finally going to have to "deal" with Kenny after cutting of Sarita's hand (which is one of the few choices I instantly regretted when I saw the consiquinces) Thankfully Kenny seemed to come around. Luke on the other hand, while I've liked of the most part up til now, I've finally had it with him. Who the fuck goes off to have sex when you're the one person in charge of looking out for walkers? What a idiot.

More so then the last season I feel like where this season started is so different from where it is now.

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Most of the ones I thought off have been mentioned so I'm going to say Braid.

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@turboman said:

eh, I'll play as a female character just to get a bit of variety. I don't ever role-play with any kinds of games and the whole "If I'm going to play a game for 50 hours, I at least wanna stare at a hot chick" argument is weird to me. I only do it purely because 95% of other games has men as the main character.

Yeah that's my main reason. Playing a girl when I have the option gives me more variety, because sadly the idea is still such a novelty.

I will say I tend to main girls in fight games because they are the faster characters I like to play.

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I fucking love Twin Peaks amd I'm excited as hell for this.

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I have two modified Madcatz fightsticks. I changed up the art, buttons, ball tops, and even the PCB boards to support multiple consoles. The Aigis one is mine and the Skullgirls one is my brothers.

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Wasn't there a Norse Myth where Thor dressed up as a women? Kind of off topic but wondering.

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Hurray! I was hoping she would be in the game.

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Still pretty confused about Nerissa's character, as I've read some theories out there pointing to the fact Nerissa at some point was Faith in glamour. Kinda sucky cliffhanger might I point out since I'm thinking they probably won't start season 2 from that point since every other major plotline has been tied up.

Is there going to be a season 2? This always felt more like a one off to me rather then a continuing story like Walking Dead.