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I have a lot of respect for Adam Sessler. I will miss him.

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Its well made and I enjoy it for the most part. Its suppose to in the style of those old 80s/90s high school movies, but I think it relies on those clichés too much at times. The video game stuff is a bit groin inducing but it never bothered me too much.

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Heck yeah for Mercenary Kings!

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I would totally buy Last of Us for PS4.

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Please tell me this becomes a daily thing.

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@ghostiet said:

There was also a bit about her being the only developed black character existing only to be killed by the white Disney princess.

I feel like people who think that are looking a little do much into that.

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As far as the Daisy stuff goes, it was forced and I guess I should have seen it coming with the backlash around that character.

I never realized there was a backlash to her. I had no problems with her.

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@crithon said:

I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth learn to be without powers and to grow. That I think is the strongest elements about this game. And near the end where she's trying to rationalize everything especially when she's dealing with things are going way out of control were actually really exciting moment. It makes Elizabeth an exceptional character, even when things are down, not exactly like a super powered ending which is what I kept begging for especially during the Lobotomy.

I completely agree. Plot twists and story connecting is fine, but the growth and conclusion of Elizabeth's character is what really makes this DLC meaningful to me.

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@ntm said:

Yes, but that didn't change the beginning of Bioshock, only explained as to how it happened, therefore she didn't really make a dent in terms of a difference between what we already knew had happened. That's what I mean, it just made a full circle. You interpreted what I said in a different way.

I see what you mean. It doesn't really change anything for use, rather just explain it. Honestly I'm fine with that though.

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@jeust: Good catch. Thanks.

@ntm said:

Anyways, great DLC, though I didn't like that it pretty much made a full circle. Elizabeth talks about it not changing, and that she could only make a dent, and she didn't even do that.

Well she did. She is the reason Jack was used by Atlas, which lead to the events of Bioshock 1. Without Jack, no one would have saved the little sisters.