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Love the design. Bummer I can't go to every PAX :(

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Everything about this makes me feel one step closer to the "Fifth Element" future I so badly want.

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Yeah, reminds me of when my college dorm asked me to participate in a Harlem shake video.

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I feel like I'd be much more qualified for these in 2 years or so. Oh well.

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This Ruby Rose figure is the only one I own. Bought recently in fact. Debating if I want to get the rest of them when they come out.

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I stuck with Butters for most of the game cause of the random banter and Kenny doesn't really have any. I did use Cartman a lot once I got him.

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@smokeyd123 said:

So wait. Why is she in some sort of super sentai get-up? I don't remember her mentioning liking anything of the sort.

from what I could gather, she is going to college and work as a sentai actress. I think.

Yeah she works on a TV show called "Phoenix Ranger Featherman R", which is basically a Power Rangers parody. Its actually been a part of the Persona series since Innocent Sin.

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Thanks for being here Rorie. Also I had a great time meeting you at PAX.

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@mcfart said:

They've milked P4 so fucking much that I don't even care about it anymore

It's rapidly approaching there, isn't it. I wonder how much of this has to do with their recent acquisition.

I doubt this game specifically has much to do with the acquisition. Persona 4 Arena had already existed before they were bought and sequels to fighting games with updated characters is incredibly common.

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there was totally a riza sprite in that sprite dump download


Sorry, couldn't help myself.