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I ran into Jeff Green after the panel and got to let him know that he's my hero for this.

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Woah what the fuck? I love CGHub. Its like DeviantArt but everything is good. Man, this fucking sucks.

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If the graphics really do look better I'll pay the $60 to play it again.

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I played way more Borderlands 2 then I should have for reasons I honestly can't even explain so I'm definitely interested in this game but unless they change up the formula a lot (which so far doesn't seem the case), then I'll probably just play it once rather then the 4 times I played BL2.

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You guys did?

Ok then. I'll see myself out.

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I have a lot of respect for Adam Sessler. I will miss him.

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Its well made and I enjoy it for the most part. Its suppose to in the style of those old 80s/90s high school movies, but I think it relies on those clichés too much at times. The video game stuff is a bit groin inducing but it never bothered me too much.

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Heck yeah for Mercenary Kings!