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@pr1mus: You seem to hate the show a bit too much for having watched over three seasons of it (to be fair I did watch almost three seasons of TWD, and I ended up hating almost everything about that show except the visual effects work).

Yeah, maybe you should stop watching if you don't like it. You have better things you can do with your time.

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I ran into Jeff Green after the panel and got to let him know that he's my hero for this.

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Woah what the fuck? I love CGHub. Its like DeviantArt but everything is good. Man, this fucking sucks.

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If the graphics really do look better I'll pay the $60 to play it again.

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I played way more Borderlands 2 then I should have for reasons I honestly can't even explain so I'm definitely interested in this game but unless they change up the formula a lot (which so far doesn't seem the case), then I'll probably just play it once rather then the 4 times I played BL2.

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You guys did?

Ok then. I'll see myself out.

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I have a lot of respect for Adam Sessler. I will miss him.

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Its well made and I enjoy it for the most part. Its suppose to in the style of those old 80s/90s high school movies, but I think it relies on those clichés too much at times. The video game stuff is a bit groin inducing but it never bothered me too much.