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Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes! Fantastic game!

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It's ok, I guess. It works decently so I can't complain much. It's no skype, but it serves it's purpose.

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I used to be with Firefox but when Chrome got extensions, I switched over. 
So Chrome for me. Speedy and sleek.

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I have a Sonic The Hedgehog T-Shirt my friend made for me (it was his high school enterprise class project). I wear that sometimes.

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I usually keep it the default name. Depends on the game, but sometimes I change it to my name.

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@Willy105: Star Fox 64 is certainly a great game.  
Assault is a decent game, but that's not really what I'm saying. The Star Fox series isn't as high quality as other Nintendo franchises, which is sort of a shame since it's a great IP. I just think it needs more attention since developers don't seem entirely sure what to do with the gameplay and such.  
I enjoy the series as well though. Especially SF64.
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That's pretty neat. The more franchises, the better! Too bad Star Fox hasn't been the highest quality of Nintendo games. I hope they figure something that'll work for the franchise. It definitely needs some changes.

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The Heroes of Newerth community is an incredibly elitist bunch. You can find some nice ones on occasion, but the majority of users are just intense about the game. 
Still, don't let them ruin the fun since when you start to get good at the game, it gets incredibly fun. Good luck!

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I've used Firefox for ages, but I switched to Chrome because of the speed and new extensions. I said that when Chrome got add-ons like Firefox, I'd switch, and I did because it's much faster.