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#1 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

The extendable jacket is removable, but apparently M+ is a little loose without it. It's supposed to be like that because Nintendo wants people to use the jackets.

Read it here!

The Wii MotionPlus connector feels loose ("wobbly")
When touching the connector on the Wii MotionPlus, you may notice it feels a bit loose. This is the way it was designed and there is no need for repair.

#2 Edited by JebranRush (36 posts) -
@Snail said:
@AgentJ said:
" @Snail said:
" Who cares? It's Wii Sports, motion + might make a bit of a difference but it is still Wii Sports, as casual as casual gaming gets. "
I guess Nintendo got me with their "casual virus" then, because i am legitimately looking forward to the sword fights and archery range. 
Another one infected, nintendo is trying to kill hardcore gaming. "
Well, most would rather have fun than follow this hardcore/casual bit of foolishness and I'm sure several would agree.

Unless you were joking, of course. :P
#3 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

This fresh take sounds like a great idea, and the trailer is stunning. Sounds like a lot of possibilities can emerge. The Metroid franchise is very high quality. Let's hope this continues to raise the bar and sell more than the 1.5-2 million mark.

#4 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

No, I'm just waiting for Wii Sports Resort. The game looks like fantastic fun.

#5 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

Really ugly looking game, but looks like a lot of fun. I'll see how this progresses.

#6 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

So awesome! I really didn't expect any Zelda news at E3. Even one picture is a massive surprise for me.

#7 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

It kind of hurts my eyes, but admittedly, it looks better than the Conduit. There's an art style here, however unoriginal.

#8 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

From that list on the front page, I bought 10 games. From this year, I have bought zero.

I don't know, but the quality of games this year so far have gone up, compared to last year. And there's more of them. But last year had some good titles I was really interested in.


That, and I have less time to play games now. :P

#9 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

It would only mean more sales overall for the game.

But, personally, I think it's a bad idea gameplay-wise. After playing CoD5 for Wii, I can safely say I'd much rather play it on the 360 or another console.

#10 Posted by JebranRush (36 posts) -

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. BLAM, there goes your 2000 points. :P

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