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Max Payne 1, in the winter Max Payne 2 in the fall Max Payne 3 in the spring.


Sleeping Dogs

Mirror's Edge

Deadspace 1 and 2



Counter Strike Source


When there's no new games out these are usually my go to games and others I'm forgetting I'm sure.

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It really depends how easily it is to mod the games engine the right graphic mods can make a old game look better then alot of the new games out there here's a good example even though GTA4 was never downgraded it's amazing what the modding community did with the game.

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I seriously don't understand how nothing has ever matched F.E.A.R 1 in pure gunplay, even the AI is top notch and deadly.

It's depressing as shit isn't it something is wrong when a 10 year old game can't be out done. I guess the game was way ahead of the time or all devs just got lazy and turn every FPS into a COD4 clone that is what happened after that game came out.It's seriously crippled FPS genre for a long time in my opinion well at least that era is dying out good riddance.

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F.E.A.R. shotgun is so satisfying

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Don't understand the people saying F.E.A.R I rented F.E.A.R 3 once and hated it, barely played 2 hours.

Bulletstorm is great and Wolfenstein The New Order has great feeling weapons. Halo 4 too.

F.E.A.R 1 2005 PC is the one to play F.E.A.R. 2 and 3 where dumbed down garbage the weapons look like plastic toys and the gun sounds where weak.

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F.E.A.R. Obviously my choice I never get bored of the gunplay all the weapons feel unique can't believe it's ten years old and still doesn't feel dated to me nothing has top the firefights in the game.

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I have no problem with a PC exclusive being a timed one as long as it doesn't effect the PC version in a negative way that way the devs can make there extra money.But man I still remember how impressive BF2 was back in the day with the 64 size maps and dedicated servers that's one thing that all MP games should have P2P just isn't right on PC.I just hope someday we get a true top notch FPS with no restraints can't believe how long it's really been it's really disappointing.In my opinion nothing has come close to how great F.E.A.R. gunfights feel with there great AI or the first time you saw Crysis and where blown away.I know there's Star Citizen coming out someday even though it's not a FPS I can really appreciate how far there pushing that game.But would it kill devs to go back to this method build the game on PC first then port it down I don't think so and Half Life 3 would be great place to start again very wishful thinking.

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Battlefield, Metro, Far Cry, Wolfenstein. Off the top of my head these all fit your description? Highly produced shooters with decent singleplayer? There might be a bit less of this stuff now, but it's hardly dead or anything.

Battlefield 2 was last pure pc game out of the series Metro good series but I believe there console ports could be wrong. Farcry original was PC exclusive Wolfenstein the new one is great but it's still not built from the PC ground up.When I mean dead I mean built from the PC to utilize the hardware to the fullest without cutting corners.I guess my other big gripe with FPS these days is the the gun models fov they are way to big because there catered for tv not monitors. I really wish devs would give PC users options to change the size a rare case like dishonored they did which was good and CS:GO has that option too.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Crysis the last one we had I'm talking pure FPS that was 8 years ago that is crazy.PC gaming is doing really good these days money wise with digital distribution.Half life 2 pushed graphics and physics F.E.A.R.pushed enemy AI Crysis pushed graphics with real time shadows and destructible environments.It just feels like we could be have such better FPS experiences these days that lets PC hardware being used to it's fullest potential like they use to do.Does anybody else miss them? and do you think those days are dead and gone or will we ever get them back it just sucks bad that they don't make them anymore.

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Graphics are dated because Microsoft and Sony cheaped out on the hardware on this gen. I only play PC but this still this pisses me off it's good for no one.But then again the game will probably be really good hopefully.Can't wait until generation remaster ends there will be good games I'm sure of it but technically speaking this gen is a huge let down.

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Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC

Battlefield 2 PC

Max Payne 1&2 PC


Mortal Kombat 2 and UMK3 arcade

GTA San Andreas

Resident Evil 4

Counter Strike Source

WWF No Mercy

DOOM original

Crysis PC