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I'm just watching for the games as a PC gamer hopefully Alan Wake 2 gets announced.

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I can easily say this is my favorite video game ending ever what a mindfuck I loved it. I didn't even like the original Bioshock that much never got done finishing that game until a week ago which it grew on me.But I like infinite so much more in terms of characters, location and combat what a great game never thought I like a Bioshock game so much damn I'm in impressed.

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GTA4 driving down times square with any good tune on the radio.

Max Payne 3 Airport Level Music intro

Crysis walking down the beach on the first level.

Alan Wake rock stage moment.

F.E.A.R. Lining up proximity mines in a row killing a much of dudes.

BF3 dominating people in a chopper getting accused of hacking always funny and fun.

Mirror's Edge getting immersed just looking around the city and listening to the great music in the background playing.

DeadSpace 2 changing suit animation and music that plays gets me pumped.

Mass Effect 2 flying to any planet with that great cutscene also I love this mission accomplished music.

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Maybe he realized that EA and Activision are basically the same company.

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I really like the atmosphere and worlds Bioshock games have but I'm so turned off by the characters and the way they move and talk maybe because it reminds of a Disney cartoon and hate them.I know some people felt that way about Dishonored art design I always had that feeling since the first Bioshock.Also the combat just doesn't feel satisfying to me but I can totally see how people like this game.I was totally excited for the first game then I was just so turned off I couldn't finish it.

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Crysis 3 seems more like a expansion pack then a full sequel since the campaign is only like 5 hours long. Loved the first Crysis but hate the changes they made to the second game like more linear gameplay the Fov gun model on the PC version is way to big and taking maximum speed off the suit made Alcatraz way to slow.Most importantly fighting the aliens in Crysis 2 was so boring I'm definitely skipping this one.

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I would like to see this series on PC I hate wrestling today but I'm nostalgic for some 90's era wrestling I like that this series has a mode like that at least in the current one.

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I was close to watching it I just get bored with political drama's but that being said I'm a fan of Spacey's and I hope this series does good for Netflix. I like that you can watch all the episodes any time you want and your not burden with a certain time like you are for tv shows.

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MP games I play them for maybe 5 months close to 6 if there really good then I get bored and stop playing.SP games I try to take my time with and explore everything in the game play maybe 2 hours a day the most with them especially if it's a new game.After I beat the game I'll look for something else to play when I have no games to play I get bored as hell so I'll go back and replay some old ones.

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