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F.E.A.R, PC, can't count how many times I replayed and come back to it still impresses me to this day, fuck the sequels though they where dumbed down garbage.

Max Payne 2 PC, love it gameplay fun as shit first game to use the Havok physics engine I believe.

GTA4 PC bad port but still the best version to play love causing chaos in the game countless hours of fun and mods lots of mods.

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This has been a painful year to be a PC gamer so far.

1. Watchdogs most likely gimped down.

2.GTA5 PC where the fuck are you????

3.Oculus sells out to FB so disgusted WTF still in shock from this BS makes me so fucking sick just horrible horrible.Words can not describe the clusterfuck that has been rattling inside my head since I heard the news.

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I never seen graphics downgrade so bad I really hope the PC version doesn't look this bad but I'm sure they dumbed it down.It makes me feel sick seeing such a beautiful looking game turn into this.Game still looks cool but I never been so let down in term of graphic quality GTA4 with ENB kills this graphically what a let down.

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I'm done here thanks!

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Mirrors Edge for me it just felt refreshing playing something that felt different I love the visual style and the soundtrack for the game.As far as Bioshock liked it but was annoyed by some of the characters liked infinite much more but Mirror's Edge is great really looking forward to playing it on the Oculus rift someday.

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I use to play consoles all my life from NES to PS2 then around 2005 I got into PC gaming and I love it I don't think I can ever go back. Nothing against them but once you get spoiled with PC graphics,mods,custom configuring mouse and keyboard controls it's hard to play any console oh and I'm super pumped for the Oculus Rift next year.

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Hard to believe been listening and watching since the the old gamespot days RIP Ryan you will be missed greatly.

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I didn't watch the GT one did Geoff Keighley bring his Doritos and Mountain Dew?

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I'm hyped as shit for the Oculus rift could care less about the new consoles.