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Erm have you played any of the HoMM series before? It's a turn based strategy. There is no coop per-se. There is multiplayer with upto 8 players (at least that's what in the beta so far)  any of the players can be substituted for AI or disabled. You can create any number of teams, so yes in that way you can be in an alliance with another player. Spectator mode is not in the demo, but honestly this is not a kind of game that needs spectator slots.  As far as modes go I'm not sure, there are 3 options atm plus custom settings, but I'm still going through the beta since it was only released yesterday.
What this gentleman said. Maybe you're getting a misrepresentation of this game, but as far as I can tell Heroes VI is still probably a turn based strategy game. And it's way too slow for any sort of spectator mode. If you want to really take a look, the first 4 games of the series are on Good Old Games, and the 5th one is on steam.  
That's okay, I just figured I'd ask because this kind of information isn't exactly readily available. I played the demo for the last game, I just had no idea what the multiplayer element is like in the series, and I figured I'd ask because of the public beta being available now and all.  
As for spectating, I beg to differ my good gentle sirs! Forget ye not the legacy of chess -- my god... the intensity!
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I was wondering if anyone knew about the multiplayer capabilities of this game. I saw in a gameplay trailer they mentioned that it has hot seat multiplayer with two friends, and I'm wondering what that means. 
Is there coop? 
How many people can play multiplayer and what kinds of modes are there? 
If there's a max cap of players, can people spectate? 
Thanks guys

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I'd buy syndicate.
I'd buy it in the face.

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" If they thought it was Grand Theft Horse at the start of the game, they definitely will once they've finished it.  Rockstar's storytelling just feels stale as fuck now. "

Still, I can see what they went for in RDR worked a lot better than GTAIV. The grittiness and the raw humanistic unglorified side of the old west. Sure it's not going for the epic adventure, but I didn't find it quite so stale as other installments. Of course aside from the fact that you're a man who murders countless people at any given moment, I'd say they pull off a great atmosphere. Damn it I was romanced by the end, even though the ending itself felt just a bit tacked on, and Jack's voice didn't age.
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3. Better economy. At some point money is no longer meaningful and the player has nothing worthwhile to buy. The economy needs to be better balanced in future games so that there's always something new and useful to purchase at game stores.
 4. Immediate challenge rewards. Rather than making a player go through a ton of challenges before receiving rewards, start giving them out right away. Unique weapons, items, horses, RPG-esque ability buffs are all great and makes the work to the maximum challenge level more meaningful and makes the grinding feel like less than it is.
5. Train robberies. Why the hell is this not in the game already?
6. Make skinning worthwhile. If I'm going to skin every animal alive, I'd like it to contribute to something other than a few dollars. If it's just meant to be sold then have it automatically sell, otherwise have it contribute to something e.g. an outfit. One way to make this somewhat more interesting is to break up the outfit into pieces and then use furs and skins from various animals to make yourself an outfit of various hides.

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The second mission in the demo is indeed a survival map, except it's fairly impossible because the Bearmen will show up with around 3000 hp and kill you regardless. Anyway, I loved Majesty 2 the full game by comparison. Most of it is slower paced, the demo just shows the two sides of the same coin that is Majesty. Ease and difficulty depending on the world you're thrust in to manage your kingdom.

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There should be a law that should ban the use of inside jokes outside of the circle. That is, of course, assuming anyone would find this funny.

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Also, please oh lord satan please use some kind of WASD mouse configuration by default on the PC version developers. :)

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This will be the beginning of a new age my friends. A REBIRTH OF A REBIRTH OF A REBIRTH OF A REBIRTH OF A FRANCHISE!!!!!!

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Tireyo643 said:
Jecrell said: I don't need to escape, I have too many video games to play. :O So you don't daydream ... [more]
Usually when I daydream it's not about escaping so much as it is about reflection on my past deeds and working towards being a better person. I really don't have a place to escape to, perhaps because I feel right with where I am now. The only place I really look forward to other than my 'now' would be Space: the final frontier. :)