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I don't need to escape, I have too many video games to play. :O

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Endurance run: Baldur's Gate II, you know you want it. Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust endurance run really isn't an endurance run, but rather an extended quick look (and shudder). Still, I wonder if they'll become so accustomed to Persona 4 that they will go back and play Persona 3 for the second endurance run.:P

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The new Leisure Suit Larry games changed my life!

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Our 11:50 was so damn hard... but we loved it
btw my alias is JFMのばか in that screenie

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In my opinion the clip-cornering needs fixing as well, let the survivors' melee recharge be infinite while clipping into somebody else and we'll move a little closer towards having the game as it should be. You can't say "hey clearly this is how the game was intended" while spectating a bunch of survivors sitting in a corner clipping through each other spamming melee push in every single horde event largely immune to the danger.

A good infected team has its tactical options largely removed when survivors clip. Sure there are exploitable counters, such as jumping as a hunter, standing on their heads, and slapping down, but other than that you might as well just wait it out as infected despite the crescendos being a time where the survivors are supposed to be largley in danger. Instead it's a joke.

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Would have been more accurate if the L and R buttons were replaced with square, circle, triangle, and an additional x button.

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I got Persona 4 two days ago, it's hard to put down. I'm still surprised how engaging the story is compared to Persona 3. Persona 4 seems to have more hooks into you, murder, intrigue, and an excuse for character development inside the TVs. They streamlined a lot of stuff compared to P3, now I can just press the square button and see what all my abilities do on my Persona, because I tend to forget due to the fact they have funny names like Zio, Garu, and Bufu. Also in Persona 3 for the most part other characters you had relationships with wouldn't interact with each other directly much. In Persona 4 I already had the baseketball team, Yosuke, and Nanako hang out together and interact.

Tis good.

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I don't really see the big issue here, the Republican version of the stimulus bill would have been largely the same except with more tax cuts for the wealthy (Reaganomics). Refusing the money from the bill is largely for future political purposes I imagine. Outright refusing the money entirely will hurt that state in the long run, and if it doesn't benefit the people then it's political grandstanding. A proper Republican governor would take the money, complain about how it doesn't have more tax cuts and how some of it goes to things they don't like as always, and take the money for the sake of their people.

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My advice is not to care, and if you play for the drama in L4D it stops being fun. Play for the lulz as they say.
A proper reaction in that scenario is to have your friend point it out first, "You just kicked some MLG guy!" and then you can reply "We're just that good."
*polishes monocle*

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You'll probably want to change the charge up noise as well.