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If you want stuff to not freeze on the 360, the recommended option is to install it.

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Snail said:
"Why are there so many new users making threads all of a sudden?

Anyway, yes get a PS3 it is well worth it.
And buy Ryu ga Gotoku 3 on Play Asia when it comes out, they've got region free copies. Hells to the yeah!
As for this whole arguement, the PS3 is great for games, it just doesn't have any. Microsoft did a better job getting publishers hooked and early, but what the fuck people, pay for multiplayer? For fuck's sakes. And what's all this DLC 0kb bullshit doing lying around in the discs waiting to be unlocked by users who shell out more of their money for something they already technically paid for?
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Jecrell on ye old PS3
I have no USB headset though.
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I haven't gotten to Sagat, but I beat Balrog by jumping towards him and kicking him on round start. Knocking his feet out, and then doing some shouryukens and hadoukens and spinning kicks. You just don't want to be cornered by him as Ryu or Ken.

And why the hell does Abel spam grab and throw/?

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I use a regular controller (PS3), and I've already started to develop some thumb blistering. Any tips or recommendations to prevent further hand injury? Good lord there's a lot of semi-circular action going on in this game.

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Apparently to do it you have to do it during one of his moves. I was able to do it a couple of times during the focus attack (triangle and circle together at once on the PS3, then two circles and a punch when it finished).

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Desperately trying to perform Zangief's Final Atomic Buster in challenge mode. How the hell do you do a double dircle + punch without jumping around like a damn fool?

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SathingtonWaltz said:
"Whoa whoa whoa, chill man. I was just messing around. I like Galaxy, but Nintendo's way of using the same formula/characters/story is getting really old to me. To the point were even if the game is good, It's just dull for me. Good examples for me are Mario Kart Wii, and Twilight Princess. But anyway, lets not turn this thread into another stupid argument thing, lets keep it on topic. "
You're not messing around, you have a legitimate point of view to present, yet like the other man said, If it's so old, why do you still like it and why is it still good? Maybe rather than reinventing Sonic every winter holiday the developers should go back to the roots of what made the great Sonic games, and oddly, Nintendo would do just that. And it's not off topic to suggest a debate between should or should not Nintendo get involved in the process of saving Sonic. Didn't Bioware try to save Sonic at some point as well in RPG format? Personally I'd like to see more akin to Sonic Adventure style Sonic games, but with a lot more free-roaming and sandbox world elements filled with rewards you earn during the linear levels, I.E. arcades with old Sega games you can unlock and play. And let the player customize sonic with unlockable dyes and accessories; let people play robot sonic, super sonic, and whatnot.

And as anyone will tell you, crossovers make big dollars when it comes to Mario and Sonic and Solid Snake, so add more crossover elements from other games. So instead of having an all original Sonic cast (Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc , get a cast of video game stars, basically more fan service of the non-erotic kind that grabs at audiences from all over the genre. Get entertainers in the gaming industry to make appearances, hell have the guys from Penny Arcade and Red vs. Blue and Mega64 perform some skits for commercials and in-game sequences. Sell some damn Sonic the Hedgehog chili dogs!

Sonic can be saved, but it'll take a shit load of effort. Nintendo could do it, but they wouldn't do it to the point where Sonic can entirely be redeemed for years of terrible games.
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ahh all the money Sony spent on PlayStation Home would have been better spent on exclusives to make their console less irrelevant.

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My advice pertains to versus mode, which is by far the best thing about L4D, here's some No Mercy tips.

At the end of the apartments level in no mercy, there is a car and an alleyway next to the the stairs down that lead to the saferoom. Usually a smoker will spawn behind the car, and if you shoot the car alarm you cause a massive horde that will usually incap your teammates and make it hard to beat the level with all four. Normally you'd try to go melee the smoker to death, but sometimes there's a boomer in the alley making such a strategy suicide. Usually it's best to throw a molotov near or behind the car (don't hit the car with it! ]] which will kill the smoker in a few seconds, defeating that strategy altogether.

In the third level of No Mercy, outside of the Burger Tank resturaunt is a large warehouse and gas station. When the survivors start the event and start running on top of the roof of the warehouse, spawn a smoker below them, and pull one down. If you have a boomer buddy you can barf on him and cause a horde. Other survivors will usually jump down oblivious to their own health, and sometimes they will incap themselves as their own weight breaks their legs from fall damage. If you're a survivor and this happens and you can't see the smoker or too many are incapped below you can attempt to run through the warehouse to the lower level where there's a door with a switch that you can open that will lead you back to the bottom of the warehouse where most likely your friends are waiting for you. Unfortunately only the fastest will be able to save them, so it's a race against time, knock the zombies away, and shoot the ones that are hitting you, not much else advice is to be had.

Also at any point there is a ladder leading upwards (such as in the third level of no mercy, or the finale the other team will usually spawn all their boss infected up there to make your life a living hell. Sometimes it helps to throw a molotov up in the air, and hope some of them die from the fire, but if this doesn't work and you still hear boomer and hunters it could be the end of your team. And the unfortunate thing is that there's not much you can do, as the first person that pops up from the ladder will be pulled by a smoker, and the next will be huntered back into the hole and land all the way on the bottom of the ladder. That's already two men down, and usually they have another hunter, and if the boomer boomed anyone then getting back up the ladder will be very difficult, so at times you might even just have a single survivor who isn't on the verge of being incapped who has to save everyone else. Worst of all, if they have 3 hunters and 1 smoker, it's possible that everyone will get incapped....

If you have advanced weapons, I.E. automatic shotguns, and you walk outside and hear the tank music, rush back into the safe room and have everyone equip automatic shotguns and get in a corner. The tank will be forced to either 1 go attack you and die, as 4 survivors with autoshotguns is certain death, or 2 run far away and hide until the AI takes over the tank, the AI tank is so stupid that it's rare it will be able to kill your group, so both are good strategies against the tank. If you don't have advanced weapons, pray your team is organized enough to run around in a wide area shooting the thing without getting incapped too badly. Green health is important to have when fighting the tank, as you can outrun it. If you're a tank fighting green health people you might want to throw rocks until they become yellow so that you can chase them, but if they have regular weapons they should be little problem for your massive fists.