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Passing Judgment on... Syndicate 0

Syndicate is the 2012 FPS re-imagining of Bullfrog’s isometric squad-based RTS put together by Starbreeze Studios (The Darkness, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay). While the shift to an FPS has ruffled the feathers of purists, it has also allowed Syndicate’s world to appeal to a wider audience, and in a slick technological age where corporations rule (some might say – conspiracy theorists, mostly), where better to set your FPS than in a slick technological age where corporation...

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Passing Judgment on... The Darkness 2 0

I loved the original Darkness title. I loved its atmosphere, its tone, its story and its gameplay. It was a real underappreciated gem in the early days of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Imagine my disappointment upon hearing that Starbreeze weren’t making its sequel… But Digital Extremes were… Y’know? Digital Extremes? Responsible for the entirely forgettable Dark Sector, and a multiplayer component for Bioshock 2 that no one asked for? Yeah? Them.At least they didn’t try to imitate Starbreeze’...

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Passing Judgment on... Dustforce 0

Hitbox Team have created what is sure-to-be a runaway success in Dustforce, given the right promotion, price-point or placement in a popular indie bundle. You play as, what is effectively a ninja caretaker (or janitor, for those of you hailing from the other side of the Atlantic). You run, flip and slide your way through the levels sweeping up leaves, dust and any other detritus left behind by the… well the game never tells you the name of the bad guys… So to counter the good guys’ Dustforce mon...

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Passing Judgment on... Bunch Of Heroes 0

From the very moment you fire up NGD Studios’ Bunch Of Heroes it becomes abundantly clear that firstly, this game is meant to be played with a gamepad (with Xbox 360 controller button prompts being offered ahead of key prompts), and secondly that this game is supposed to be played online (with online being offered ahead of offline at the main menu). Even accommodating these factors there is very little to set Bunch Of Heroes apart from other titles in this genre. It isn’t fun in single player, a...

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Passing Judgment on... Q.U.B.E. 0

QUBE (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion is what it stands for, if you were wondering) is a fantastic example of engaging, innovative puzzle platforming, drawing upon Portal for inspiration, but not copying it verbatim.First up, you can’t write about QUBE and not acknowledge its gorgeous artistic direction. Think Portal’s stark, sterile test chambers married with Mirror’s Edge’s splashes of vivid primary colour, and QUBE is what you get. It looks stunning, with fantastic lighting effects and...

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Passing Judgment on... Anno 2070 0

Related Designs’ Anno 2070 is the latest entry in the long-running and underappreciated Anno series, making the jump into a future Earth ravaged by climate change with rising sea levels and collapsed mega cities. Your job is to give the survivors from these cities a fresh start in the little unflooded land still available. All with the aid of one of three factions, the SAAT – the science types, the Eden Initiative – the environmentalist types and Global Trust Inc. – yep, you guessed it, the indu...

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