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Lombard, Il USA

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I was listening to Hollywood Babble-on, a Kevin Smith podcast and they mentioned Ryan as part of the Celebrity Deaths. I'm glad they acknowledged him but it made me sad again. Thoughts once again out to his family, who have tons of things that will bring back the memories.

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So sad. I just knew Ryan from his work and I'm deeply saddened. I can't imagine the grief felt by his family and friends. My condolences. Rest in Peace Ryan.

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Great article Patrick. I thought the responses were well thought out and got their point across. It's sad to see so many people treating this like it's not an issue tho'.

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I'll put this out there, I play Farmville.  So, if you want to help, you do have to sign up for the game.  But if you never do anything after that, you are helping them do things like expand their farms and stuff.  But looking at their pages, they both are running over 100 friends, so they should be good on that.  To help otherwise, it's the whole, clicking on posts and sending gifts, also not required to actually play, but  still "doing stuff."  So you can help out with a min. of effort.

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Man, Valve's given cake a bad name.  Curse You! :)

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I do love the Pokemon games, but I my favorite is still Pokemon Snap!

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I'm going to throw in another vote for a look at the ending of the MMO like the Matrix one we had.

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Plan for months of speculation.

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I want this to be true!