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Fun Fast and Short Ride 0

After Burner Climax is essentially a port of the arcade game.  I have never played the arcade game but after seeing the quick look on Giant Bomb i loved the fast intense craziness of it.  It was one of the first purchases after i bought more microsoft points and played it immediately.  Graphics:  The graphics aren't top notch but are pretty good since its a 2006 arcade game.  But more than the graphics its the performace factor that is pivotal to the quality of gameplay.  It stays at a constant ...

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Make sure to stay Awake for this one 0

It has been a long time coming.   Remedy takes a long time with their games but Alan Wake has finally woken up (pun intended).   While it showcases itself as a thriller-horror this games plays out very much like an action game.   That’s not to say it is a bad thing, as a matter of fact it’s a good game that everyone should play but there are some issues to it. First let us start with the story since this game is very very story driven.   As a matter of fact it is just a single player game.  ...

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The beautiful Wild West 0

Red Dead Redemption is a western sandbox style game developed by Rockstar San Diego.   While Rockstar tries to avoid comparing it to GTA it is essentially, like everyone else says, Grand Theft Horse.   It’s a wonderful game, with a strong story, good (and improved) gameplay and great graphics. Red Dead Redemption has the player playing as John Marston.   In the intro scene all we know is that he is being forced to find old friends of his to save his family.   We never know what they did (we ...

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Tiring at times but worth the adventure 0

The legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is a DS zelda game.   It’s a solid Zelda game although it has some missteps which may make it hard to finish through the game.   But for those who tread on, it’s a great game to add to your Nintendo collection. All Zelda games have the same story that just pan out in different ways.   In this case, Tetra and her crew encounter a ghost ship, she gets kidnap, Link needs to save her.   Apparently these events happen after Windwaker, i never played Windwaker bu...

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A little Bowser makes everything better 0

Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story is the second DS Mario RPG game.   It improves on every aspect of the previous game giving an engaging story, fun gameplay, unique graphics and good sound. The story is based on Fawful trying to take over the world making Bowser intake all the people in the Mushroom Kingdom.   This leads to Mario and Luigi battling inside Bowser which inevitably forces them to team up with Bowser to save Mushroom Kingdom.   The story is the best in the series and is very...

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Solid Mario game but not its best 0

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time is a solid RPG much like its previous game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.   The gameplay is solid, graphics are solid along with the sound.   Unfortunately its not the best in the series due to the fact that there isn't much innovation from the previous game. The story is the same ol' Mario story with the villain being Elder Princess Shroob and the story revolving around travelling to the past when all the characters are young.   This leads to Mario and Luig...

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Splinter Cell: The Uncharted edition 0

Splinter Cell Conviction continues the Tom Clancy series pushing the stealth action into a new direction.  Its a risky move but its the right direction.  Unfortunately it doesn't follow this direction all the time and you can tell the developers are trying to keep up with other action games when it starts to throw the player in more action sequences than stealth sequences. Like other games in the series, the game follows Sam Fisher who gets back into working ex-echelon people who need help disar...

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Algorithms Course: The Game 0

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is the second game in the Professor Layton series developed Level 5.  It follows the archeologist and his protoge Luke on a mystery of the Elysian Box.  The game plays much like the first one in the series with a great engaging plot and some quality puzzles to solve.   Professor Layton mentor has died after opening the Elysian Box, a box that is said to kill someone when anyone opens it, and he has sent Professor Layton a letter stating to continue his jou...

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Pushing a old genre foward 0

Shadow Complex is a 2d exploration action adventure developed by Chair Entertainment with the Unreal 3 engine.  Its a homage to the Metroid and castlevania series but it keeps the genre fresh and alive for people who have not played this type of games (like me). Shadow Complex follows Jason Flemming who met a girl at a bar and go out hiking.  When they are playing hide and seek they reach a underground complex run by "terrorist" who have caught the girl you met.  Its up to you to save her and ...

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A game so Infamous its so good 0

 Infamous is a super hero sand box game by Sucker Punch studios (they made the Sly cooper series).  Although the game isn't polished graphics wise, it is amazing. Its like GTA with super powers with a good story. You are Cole MacGrath, a courior who is delivering package when a explosion happens at the center of Empire City.  But somehow you survive and gain electric super powers.  The city is cut off from the rest of the US and all the evil people begin to take over the city and its up to you ...

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Phoenix Wright's spin off series is just as good 0

Apollo Justice is a spin off of the Phoenix Wright series.  Apollo Justice is a new character and the game is built with the DS in mind (unlike the previous games which were originally built for the GBA).  It takes the phoenix wright gameplay and gives new gameplay to it giving it a breath of fresh air yet still retaining to the core gameplay.  And like other games in the series the story is very engrossing. Apollo Justice is a new lawyer who works under Phoenix's friend Kristoph Gavin and has ...

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Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made 0

Uncharted 2 is a superb game.  From the graphics, the gamplay the audio and the story.  It has such a top notch production that the single player is one of the most engaging games i've ever played.  If that wasn't enough the multiplayer is just as good as the single player making the package well worth the price. The story follows Nathan Drake, a Indiana Jones like character out to look for ancient mysteries, but he his not a professor but a thief.  He works with a crew to find the trasure of m...

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Modern Warfare 2? more like 2xModern Warfare 0

Modern Warfare 2 is the successor to the famous Modern Warfare game and it makes enough fixes to make it a better game than the first to make Modern Warfare 2 a must buy. The story plays out like the previous game following certain people either from the US rangers or a special task group called Task Force 141.  I won't get too much into the story but the games is like a top notch action hollywood movie and it is done with amazing Infinity ward style.  It took the few amazing scens in the first...

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A heavy rain that can't be missed 0

Heavy Rain is not the typical game.  You don't collect coins, beat up guys or finish missions.  It calls itself an interactive drama and Quantic Dream are the pioneers to bascially a quck time event based adventure game.  First off i will say i am a huge fan of QuanticDream, their first game of this genre, Indigo Prochecy (or Farenheit as it is called in Europe) was a real fresh and progressive take on the adventure series. Yet the story lacked a solid ending.  Heavy Rain builds on what they lea...

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The best god of war in the series 0

God of War 3 is an amazing game.  The gameplay is solid, the story is engaging and the graphics are amazing.  This is a great send off game for one of the best franchises Sony has ever produced.  Lets first talk about the graphics because when you first pop the disc in and start the game, it looks amazing and i really feel thats an understatement.  Santa Monica studios probably have some of the best programmers since they have really took the time and effort to pull every kind of processing powe...

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Not just a good comic book game, but a damn good game 0

Batman Arkham Asylum isn't just a good comic book game.  Its just a good game period.  Rocksteady really took the time and effort to make a quality game and after playing through the game i can say this is one of the top games of 2009.  First off, the story is great.  When they took the time to flesh out a story of one of comic' book favorite villian its hard to have a bad story.  While the main is engaging enough to keep you playing what makes this game ten times better than other comic book ga...

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