Games I Need to Start

Games I own, but for some reason or another, haven't touched (although the biggest reason is my "List of Games I Need to Finish").
Again, no specific order, but the top dozen or so are the ones I feel compelled to play most.

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Posted by Angre_Leperkan439

Hitman is a great game, and Endwar was fun, except now not many people play it online anymore :[ so it's not as good.
Mercenaries 2 sucks. I'd say just don't bother, and just sell it.

Posted by JeevesPleez
Yeah, I heard M2 sucked, but I got it for, like, a dollar. So I'll give it a shot. Might do a write-up on it if I can make it funny.
Posted by fox01313

Agreed, out of all on this list Merc2 seems like you can miss it & not lose any sleep on it. The rest of these were innovative & fun in one way or another, well worth playing many times. If you haven't tried Psi-Ops yet, go look for that one instead of Merc2 as it's much better plus should be easy to find on PS2/Xbox.

Posted by JeevesPleez
@fox01313: Come to think of it, I think I got Psi-Ops free when Fileplanet was giving it away free (ad-supported, of course). It might be on one of these harddrives I have lying around. Thanks for reminding me!