Posted by Jeff

The only thing that could make Street Fighter IV more awesome is the inclusion of SKULLOMANIA.

Actually, I'd love to see all those EX guys back one more time, if not as official additions to the SFIV roster than as some sort of new spin-off game. C. Jack is better than C. Viper any day.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Yes.  The Cracker quotient must be adjusted.

Posted by Usagi

My favorite Street Fighter EX character is Darun and perhaps D. Dark.

Posted by giyanks22

That's pretty tight.

Posted by GTCknight

I would like to see Jean-Claude Van Damme (as Guile) as an easter egg. His finishing move would be him doing the splits and punching the other character in the balls. But sadly I know it will not and most likely never will happen. (no matter how much I wish it would) 

Posted by Sneaky_Gopher

Hey Jeff, Do you know if you can load two profile saves at once. Me and my bro played all day today using each others Gamertags on one system. But only one of us was having there stats, and achievements progress tracked (The first person to sign in). I figured you would know. Im sure you guys play around the office.

Posted by coffeesash

Where is the love for Karin? ;_; In terms of interesting moveset and character she has a lot more right to be there than certain other characters..

Posted by skrutop

C. Jack's fireball swatting baseball bat would make an awesome contribution to SF4.  Skullomania is not only awesome, but fairly unique as well; I'd take him in a heartbeat.  Of course, my name being Blair, I have a fondness for the thick Ms. Dame.  She and Chun-Li could have a thigh-off.

Posted by coffeesash

Although, I could have sworn that they said they weren't adding any more characters later as DLC. :(

Posted by SaucySala

That skull guy looks awesome.

Posted by AspiringAndy

I want Skullomania too!
They need some crazy characters.

Posted by prinny_god

I would like to see ace in it

Posted by prinny_god

also d. dark because is scorpion he even has the get over here move

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

The EX characters are not part of the Street Fighter canon. Also, Akira was the ones who created those characters, not Capcom.--Akira holds the rights to those characters. If Capcom wanted to bring back the EX characters, they would have to talk it over with Akira and make some sort of a deal.

TBH, I want SFIII characters more than EX characters. They're more well develop than the EX guys. There also a lot more demand for the SFIII charatcers.

Posted by keyhunter

All the Marvel SUPERHEROES

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Posted by ImperiousRix

Final Fight guys.
I mean both Guy and Cody were already in Alpha.  All they need to do is add Haggar and they'll have an awesome three man addition to SFIV.

Posted by Ozzie1969

Def gotto go with Skullomania. Skullo dream kicked serious butt. Always played him in ex plus alpha.

Posted by darkspirit138

I agree, Skullomania is AWESOME! But I would really lurve seeing Garuda in this game.

Posted by BeanoFritz

YES!! I would LOVE if skullomania and d.dark came to sf4, they were by far my favorite chars. in EX 3. SKULLOOOCHRUSHAA!!!!

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

SFIII characters are waaaay more important than the EX characters.

Posted by darkspirit138

Who is your favourite character in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha?