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I've seen one purple drop mid-mission and it turned out to be a rocket launcher that I already got from... I don't know, multiplayer or some random end-of-mission drop or something.

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I really miss the Street Fighter EX series. They did some really cool stuff in those games.

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I've always enjoyed Bungie's work on Halo and i really love loot rpg's like diablo, borderlands, torchlight, etc. I played the beta up to the level cap and while this game seemed very pretty, and the shooting felt just like Bungie's kind of shooting mechanics, i just didn't feel like it was fun. The most fun i had the whole time was dancing at inappropriate times during multiplayer matches or during free roam. This bothers me because if the maker of a series i really loved is doing a game that blends with other genres i also love, then why don't i like this?

Yeah, I think I'm with you. I'm worried that it'll feel like you're backtracking through the same areas too frequently. And I didn't much care for the competitive multiplayer in the beta. But I'm hoping that the final product ends up being more engaging than the beta was. Everything seems well-considered and "big budget" and stuff, but... something about it feels off.

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Stop posting junk.

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I like the idea of them showing premium content available. However, it needs to be clearly separated from the upcoming stuff. Which seems to be the case based on how they have listed the upcoming UPF.

I'm not a huge fan of the current look, since it can be confusing, but it was one of those "let's get this done and out before PAX and then revisit it to clean it up later" jobs. Hopefully the design team will be able to clean it up and make it clearer soon.

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Pretty confusing indeed. So I'm guessing if the digital version of the New Nintendo 3DS games come out it'll be shortened to "N3DSE"?

No, we're not doing separate platforms for digital games anymore. We'll probably merge the ones we do have back into the main platform at some point.

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Thanks, everyone. Whether you've decided to sign up for Premium or not, you're the reason we get to keep doing what we're doing.

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@myketuna said:

I didn't get into PAX this year (even worse now that I live within 45 min of Seattle), but I wonder if I could swing by that Metropole place during the weekend? Is it only PAX attendees? I mean, I probably can't anyway since I don't have a car just yet....Or a job...Or friends....

But it's the thought that counts, I guess. I'll definitely try to go through the whole rigamarole next year.

That restaurant doesn't require a PAX badge to attend. You should be able to get in just fine.

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I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are, and Giantbomb's policy is, on the games media disclosing if they have backed a Kickstarter or a Patreon for which they are covering. Typically a journalist won't cover a topic or company that they have a financial stake in but does backing a Kickstarter or Patreon count as a financial interest?

Since you're not actually earning money/royalties/whatever when you back a Kickstarter or a Patreon, I don't think this counts as a stake or interest. But there's nothing wrong with disclosure. The worst case scenario I'd see happening around this stuff is if someone backed a project that was on the bubble and then covered the game while the Kickstarter was still running to help it reach the finish line. Or, if someone had a personal relationship (living together, marriage, etc.) with the person running the Kickstarter, which could result in a financial benefit from seeing it do well. That, obviously, would be something a person should disclose.

I backed some of the Pinball Arcade Kickstarters at a "send me a code for this when it's done" pre-order-type level because I really wanted to play Terminator 2. But I also bought the Season Passes for all tables in the iOS version of that because I like that game and want to play it. In the end, they probably got a significant amount more out of me from me simply buying the game like anyone else. Are those two things different enough to matter? Does paying money for a fake pinball table before it's out when I already buy a lot of games disqualify my opinion on that product? Probbbbably not?

On some level I think people have warped the term journalist in so many different ways that, when it comes to covering games on an increasingly changing internet, the expectations are all out of whack. Disclosure is an easy way to sidestep a lot of the current, crappy conversation about those expectations and say "here's my stance, here's where I'm coming from, here's any additional details you might want to know about me, you go ahead and decide if I'm trustworthy or not." Unfortunately that's boring, and people love a good conspiracy theory, so their imaginations dream up all sorts of wild alternatives to what is, ultimately, a relatively quiet line of work.

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I think we really need to quit investing so much in fucking obscure ass genres. The idea of a genre is to help convey the basic structure of something for somebody unfamiliar with it. And nobody outside an increasingly small niche actually knows - or gives a shit - what a MOBA or rogue-like-like-like-fucking-like is. I consider myself pretty in-tune with this industry, and I don't even know what the fuck MOBA stands for.

This site has a page devoted to games that have ketchup in them. I think we can handle a genre page for what has somehow become one of the most played genres in all of gaming, even if you (or I) don't give a shit about said games.