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@hatking said:

I think we really need to quit investing so much in fucking obscure ass genres. The idea of a genre is to help convey the basic structure of something for somebody unfamiliar with it. And nobody outside an increasingly small niche actually knows - or gives a shit - what a MOBA or rogue-like-like-like-fucking-like is. I consider myself pretty in-tune with this industry, and I don't even know what the fuck MOBA stands for.

This site has a page devoted to games that have ketchup in them. I think we can handle a genre page for what has somehow become one of the most played genres in all of gaming, even if you (or I) don't give a shit about said games.

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We're looking for games that are most definitely modern examples of "MOBAs" for that genre association, not older games that loosely fit the bill with some of their mechanics.

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I downloaded it, but haven't actually watched anything yet. I figure I'll probably wait until they get the network support up and running, I'm not dying to watch anything so badly that I want to copy stuff to a USB stick.

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You should just be able to log into your existing account on the new console and redownload everything. You'll probably want to go into the preferences and set the new machine as your home console, while you're at it. Saves will get downloaded out of cloud storage as needed (typically upon first run of a game).

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Perhaps "Affiliated Characters" or something along those lines is a better way to phrase it. We don't want it to be "here is every character this character has appeared in a game with." We can already pull that sort of information with our existing data.

Alternately: Do we even need this information? What if we just tossed friends/enemies completely and didn't have character <-> character relationships at all?

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There's a vulnerability on Twitch at the moment that is apparently letting people change the name/description on archived videos. So don't take this to mean much of anything.

Also, anything that would be meant to be "embargoed" until November wouldn't be sitting on a public server like that in the first place.

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I was surprised by how rough it looked. I downloaded it last night sight unseen, figuring it would look like that demo level footage that was going around a couple of weeks ago. But yeah! It's early as heck!

Still felt pretty nice. I hope this thing turns out great.

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@slag said:

Sure that makes sense.

So for parodies how should these be classified? Should there be a separate catchall character page say for all Randy Savage parody appearances?

e.g. a "real" Randy Savage character page and a "fake" Randy Savage character page?

I would assume that whatever character they made in Fire Pro Wrestling has a name of its own. That would be a separate character page.

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@gorillamopena said:

I doubt WWE wants much from TNA unless the tape library is cheap.

Kinda a part of why McMahon bought WCW, wasn't it?

But if you think about it, the WCW tape library was vast, covered decades, and contained key footage of people that WWE would want to be the subjects of documentaries and other packages. What key moments happened in TNA? It's not like "Sting: The TNA Years" is going to be some sort of huge part of whatever video retrospectives they do with him down the line. And that'd probably be their biggest "get" out of that library, wouldn't it?

I'm not saying it's valueless, but comparing this to the WCW situation is really understating the value of WCW's recorded history (or really overstating the value of TNA's).

Assuming any of this is actually for sale, of course.

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It's worth considering, for sure. The genre seems defined enough now that it wouldn't necessarily erupt into full-on battles about what is or isn't a MOBA.

Ideally we'd get to a point where the genre pages are fleshed out in a way that allows for a wiki component so that your work on the concept page would have a place to live.